Tuesday, August 22, 2017

One Fine August Day

School is starting to rain down on our party! High school orientation was yesterday and Olivia's community college classes have begun. One more day for us of semi-summer, and we'll be in full swing by Thursday. I wish I could pretend to be more excited about it, but I'm not good at faking.

I've got lots of summer beach pictures to cull through; these were from earlier this month at a favorite long boarding beach. Andrew and I are still trying to plan one more afternoon there, somehow.

I told Olivia today that I often have blogging in the back of my mind, sort of like an action item I'd like to get to, if possible. It's always at the bottom of my list though. I told her I'd rather experience life than relive it. And if I can't join in the fun, I'd still rather enable and facilitate others in having a good or productive time. So I may never get to posting all the summer pictures, but I will try. That's why I am putting up way too many for one post again...

Tonight, the older two are at youth group. Jon is picking up Jacob from practice/scrimmage, then the younger two are spending the night with a good friend, and Jon and I are going to head out for a late evening date. I've got moments here, so words will be brief!

Waiting in line to get into the state park. Always worth it.

This place is a Mecca for VW cars and vans.
(See last year HERE)

We park right on the beach, which is so convenient with the boards and gear we tend to bring.
(I'm not sure if there's a potential for privacy issues if I have our license plate number visible online, so I blurred it out! My photo editing skills could use some help.)

Paddling out moments after arrival. No time wasted.

Jacob, far left on the red board, with the big guys waiting for the big waves.

Olivia and Andrew riding out tandem style.

Sweetest guy to look back and wave me throughout the day. They know I'm always watching.

Hopping up to a stand and riding...

My zoom lens in insufficient to take pictures when they are too far out catching bigger waves, but many times they ride in close enough for me to capture them.

His happy dance after catching a good wave and riding long.

My birthday suit. 
Er, um, I mean the wetsuit I got for my birthday this year!

Thanks, Jack, for the capture! I wanted a wet suit so I could swim and board with all of you! It's been a really fun summer out in the waves with my favorite people!

My older kids spent more of their time reading and sleeping on the beach, not just playing.

The younger two come in only to eat or to switch out their gear.

Always together.

"Driving" in!

Riding backwards.
His face says, "Do you see me, Mom?"

I never notice his tongue sticking out in concentration, except in pictures!

Low tide discoveries...

Sea cucumber ink

Party wave

Sunset wave

Time to pack up.

We took a short walk down the beach before heading out...

...and discovered that a shark had been swimming by the beach that very day!

Beach talks with Andrew.

The closing of a good day.
It's a good day when no one is eaten by a shark.


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