Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer Snapshots

"Mom! He made a loin cloth out of my shirt!"

These are the words coming at me through the screen right now. It's not supposed to happen but it does. Boys end up naked in the pool and someone's trunks end up on top of the umbrella or even the roof, leaving a naked guy or two looking for something to use as a loin cloth. Or not sometimes, and they go streaking.

We are in the prime of summer and I want it to stay forever.

Moments ago as these images were loading and Jack was in the kitchen eating chips and salsa verde with me, while streams of pool water still dribbled down the curves of his tan body, he sighed and said, "I'm so glad I'm brothers with Michael and Andrew."

Now they are arguing about something at the tree house.

I've been at the beach with these two quite a bit this summer. (These pictures are from a few weeks ago already.)

Even yesterday, while Andrew lay on the beach recovering from a flu, Jack and I swam and body boarded together. I got a wetsuit for my birthday-- what a fantastic gift for me! I get to keep from freezing while I play with my kids.

When (another) Airobe is lost at sea, mud balls.

Pretend smoking is so funny to him.

Seems like the flu has hit several local families. Andrew is the only one so far that has became sick, but it was extreme. Extremely messy, too. Jon and I were up late into the night, me with my gloved hands gathering the giant mess, while he handed out paper towel and held open the bags. I joked the next day that we needed to buy a new toilet. In fact, I joked that we needed to replace the whole bathroom.

So we are. It's been needing to be done. We had already pulled up the linoleum a couple years ago, leaving the subfloor bare. Well, I haven't been able to remove the smell of vomit from the subfloor, despite plenty of bleach. So without thinking too much about the timing of the project, it has begun today with demo. The vanity and mirror, medicine cabinet, toilet, and a dividing wall are heading out.


We've had some amazing family time and I have much I'd like to add here. It will have to wait, however, because I want to go swimming before I pick up Olivia from work. Jon and I have a date night planned, too, and the house needs some serious cleaning up before we head out the door. I think my swim will be a short one...


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