Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Fair Day

Hello July. Hold on to your seats because summer is flyin'.

At present, Michael and Olivia are at high school camp in New Mexico. From door to door, it was a 27 hour journey. Half a dozen coach buses packed with teens drove through the night and most of Thursday from L.A. to their destination. The brief reports and few pictures that have come our way tell us they are having a blast!

Jon and I took the opportunity to treat Andrew and Jack to our county fair, which was a first experience for us all. It was a rad time for us as a group of four, and so cool to intentionally spend a day enjoying them as 12 and 10 year old boys. All day I kept thinking about how crazy I am about my husband, and how much I love this age with my boys... all the while keeping my teens in earnest prayer. Yeah, a full heart load.

My views from the Ferris wheel:

To the east...

To the north...

...and to the west.

The swings were Jacob's favorite. Mine, too, at his age. Then came the roller coasters and bungee jumping for me as a teen. Now I think swings are my favorite again.

Waving to us, and us to them.

Taking it all in.

Apart from the rides, Andrew liked the animals while Jacob preferred the truck racing; Jon was interested in the hydroponics and I liked people watching.


Andrew braved the free-fall

His are the legs sticking out on the right of the image below.




The pig races were hilarious, though I was not well positioned for pictures.

After a very full week, we are laying low today and enjoying the weekend. It's rarely this quiet and I don't know what to make of it.

Happy Canada Day to family and friends over the border...


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