Thursday, May 18, 2017

Writing Assignment

He asked me to look over his writing assignment after he had printed it out and was ready to stuff it in his back pack for submission at school tomorrow. It made me smile. Ask me if I'm proud of this boy.  (Shared with permission.)


Sentence Openers = Italic
Dress-Ups = Underline
Decoration = Bold
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Andrew Rourke
May 17, 2017
My Family
Everybody needs a loving family. A family is where you learn about God, where you learn about the world around you, and where you learn to interconnect with other people. It is the place where the deepest relationships in life are begun, and which affect relationships later in life. Despite our flaws, my family is loving and we all have a special relationship with each other. Thankfully, we have many interesting hobbies and we enjoy spending time with each other. Although I don’t take this lightly, I occasionally overlook how special this is. I love my fabulous family and love being with them because of our relationship.
I have a large family of six people and I enjoy spending time with them. I have one older sister, who is Olivia, and two brothers, Jacob and Michael. My Mom and Dad  moved from Canada to the US because they had some opportunities for school and work. All of the kids were born in Los Angeles, then we moved to San Diego when I was nearly 7 years old. We love our home. Fortunately, we have a pool to cool down in on hot summer days, and we are eager to have exciting parties with our friends. During the day we often tell each other “I love you.” My large family loves spending time with each other at home and outside.
My family has many interesting hobbies and activities we enjoy together. We like hiking in the majestic outdoors, exploring American cities, and traveling in the US and Canada. Unlike many people, we like to go to the beach no matter what the weather is like because we think the beach is a great place to unwind. Everyone in my family has at least one hobby. Olivia, who is an accomplished guitar player, likes to learn songs by ear. Actually Michael used to play but he ended up quitting. He likes reptiles and has a big terrarium with a gecko inside it. Jacob and I like carefully making tiny terrariums. I admire my Dad. My Dad is the pastor of Tri-City Bible Church and is a hard worker. My Mom likes photography and has a blog. She started it in 2010, and has kept it up ever since. I love my family and it makes me happy and it is fun when we are together.
In conclusion, a family is important to everyone. It is where the deepest relationships begin and gives us a sense of belonging, which is important in life. Because I have a Christian family, I’ve learned about God and have come to know him as a savior and friend. Despite school and everything, my family finds ways to spend time together outdoors. When one of us is downcast we build him up. I have a fantastic family. Naturally I occasionally fight and bicker with my brothers, but we try to be kind to each other. I love my family, I love who they are, and I love spending time with them. My family is extremely important to me.


  1. Love this! Do I spy IEW? Andrew Pudewa would be proud!

  2. I've meant to comment on several posts, but I usually read them over a period of time in between daily mothering tasks. By the time I actually finish reading, someone needs me and a comment isn't made. Like always, I love your writings and am always encourage and challenged by your thoughts. I love seeing a glimpse of your sons writing. Its a reflection of your hard work and God's grace. Thank you for sharing!


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