Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spring Break (part 3)

Who doesn't love blue? Just wow! The color of the sea in Northern California is amazing.

Big Sur. All of it... wow!

The loves of my life in beautiful places. Could I ask for more?

This man. Also WOW!
So very special to me.

Wrestling a snake.
(ok, just sea weed)

Best playground ever.

The risk of falling down cliffs crossed my mind for a moment or two, but my mind and my heart are used to battling things out. This time my heart won and we pursued beauty and adventure instead of complete safety.

Turbulent waters and Michael. 
My mind is drawing connections right now, and my heart says that turbulence is beautiful and much more interesting. I'm thankful that God is our steadfast, immovable rock. He sets our feet on a rock and makes our steps secure.

May we all remember that He is the God in the midst of storms and turbulence, and the maker of peace.

Little paths have always made me happy. I even have vivid memories of taking a particular footpath as a two year old. Seriously, I have a lot of memories as a toddler. My footpath had wild flowers and butterflies, and my mom would push my infant sister in the Pram while I trailed behind on the way to my brother's school.

Perched in a brush at the edge of a cliff...
Amazing real estate for a common sparrow.

Bixby Bridge

Pictures are so neat. They take me back and let me relive good times once again. It's like getting a second moment of enjoyment, a tiny piece of vacation once more. 

But this trip almost didn't even happen. I don't really know how to express things sometimes, so I must preface with this: I don't ever want to communicate I am entitled to anything. To say, "I deserve a vacation" just rubs me the wrong way. I've always felt this life is for working and serving, for using our days with all our might, for investing into eternity. I used to tell myself with hope and resolve that I'll just rest when I get to heaven. This has helped me through the years, especially when my kids were little.

But this is not entirely right. I know with certainty we must rest (Gen. 2). It is needful and good. 

My husband is a pastor. I support him fully in this work and we both find a sense of satisfaction in using our days the way we do. It is mostly not temporal work, and it is not easy.

The needs are plentiful in ministry, and Jon is committed to being available. He is a devoted workhorse. He works seven days a week, week after week, month after month. There is hardly a time or occasion when he is not available to the people of the congregation. Sure, he prioritizes all the needs, including the needs of our family, but the point is that he is always "on." Imagine a doctor that is either always at work (including weekends), or on call. Not only that, but his work is difficult in many ways because he is coming alongside people who are going through trials and crises, he faces constant criticism and opposition, and (like all people) personal seasons of discouragement. 

We have a different kind of life, one that few people can relate to or understand. But it's just our norm... not a complaint.

Back in December, Jon began telling me that he was in need of some time away. We scheduled the kids' spring break as time off. Life continued to be busy, and as we neared our week away we began to wonder if it would even be possible. Our original plan was to use travel points for hotels, but we discovered that spring break were blackout days. Then we discovered that hotels were already full. So with much searching, and compromises on our locations and budget, Jon secured three AirBnB houses. April came and things made our plans even more difficult, especially events and situations at church that were pressing and important. Then, a few days before we had planned to leave, two of the three AirBnB homes were cancelled on us (even with a down payment, the owners have the right to their home... it's in the small print), and it was communicated to me at church that April was certainly not an ideal time for us to go. 

I blinked back tears at an inopportune time when this all came down. I knew just how much a break was needed. The reality is this: no time is the perfect time for Jon to step away. But it is an occasional necessity.

Does it seem like I'm complaining? I hope not. My point is that the five days away were much more than a luxury. Jon needed it, and our family did, too. It is not outrageous to say that breaks/rest/vacations are necessary investments for long-term productivity.



  1. I am so glad you were able to get away as a family for a beautiful time of refreshment.


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