Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring Break (part 1)

We've not really been a road-tripping kind of family. I've often thought it would be fun, but our vacation time has nearly always involved flying home to Canada to visit extended family. This is great and all, but those trips are busy and we don't typically get a whole lot of focused time together as a nuclear family. Our kiddos are growing fast and we have been feeling like our time is limited, kinda like we have got to redeem the time with urgency! So for spring break this year, we decided to hit the road and explore what has long been our home state.

Yep, I've lived in California for the same amount of time I lived in my native land. In fact, I've been living in the US for longer than half my lifetime when I add the three years of undergrad work in Virginia. Our kids have only known a small portion of their state, too, and seeing a bit more of California was long over-due in my mind. 

When we lived in L. A., Santa Barbara was our place to retreat now and then for a day or two. Except for a business meeting for Jon, we've not been back since. Of course, we just had to stop on our way through.

Just for fun... 'cause having fun as a family was top priority:
 Jon demonstrated his "trick" and the boys tried to copy. Despite how it looks in the image below, Jon's feet are far from touching the wall!

Cambria and San Simeon

Things to discover everywhere! 
The beach is a magical place: everyone is at peace, artistic senses are awakened and inspired, and praise for the beauty of God as displayed in his creation wells up within.

Sea creatures, neat rock erosion, and driftwood washed up from winter storms

We found messages in a bottle. Our guesses at what was inside were more interesting than what was actually there!

Jump rope and cow whips with sea weed

Washed up jelly fish, I think.

Hearst Castle

It was freezing cold and raining for a good portion of our tour, so I only took a few pictures at the end  as we walked the grounds afterwards...

The views from Heart's estate were amazing. Pictures don't do it justice.

We took a picture for another couple, and they did the same for us. Four seconds after we clustered together as a family, a security guard began yelling at us from above to get down immediately. I guess she was afraid we'd fall off the wall and plummet to our death?

Our faces while we were being franticly yelled at... Ok, whatever, lady.

The Three Graces:

Pretty ladies that made me think of sisters. Olivia would have loved a sister.
I shot from behind and covered their bottoms because the naked sculptures made the boys laugh and blush and look the other way. The man sculptures were sometimes the object of giggles because they lacked manliness!! Ha.

Our pictures will have to come in parts because life has few free spaces right now! I'm happy to say we've successfully tackled another week of school (hooray for Friday!), but I feel like some of my kids have hit a wall. We are so, so ready to be done! Summer, come quickly!!


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