Monday, January 23, 2017


Well Hello Monday! You are living up to your reputation and I feel you bad.

It's hailing out. At least the window that Jon needs to replace is covered with tarp and no longer leaking down the beam and into buckets on the floor. It's cold inside and out. The only warm place is the hallway bathroom, but I have not yet resorted to sitting in there with my computer.

Life feels so very mundane on this Monday. There is work to do and little motivation for doing it. The vacuum and laundry wait for me, that round and round cycle of repetition. It's the ordinary and unremarkable hum-drum of my life today, and many other days just like it.

I was listening to a portion of a recorded message by Elisabeth Elliot this morning, and was struck by the faith and devotion to God exemplified in her life and others. Their's was a remarkable life and a remarkable faith. Enviable, even, until I was gently reminded by the Spirit that we are each called to our own work, each according to God's plan for us. My duty is simply to be faithful to him in it-- to be faithful and obedient in my own sphere of work. I have to believe that God can and will work in and through me, even in the undistinguished nature of my life and responsibility. No life is wasted in God's economy, as we are each created for his own glory. I have to believe that on days like today.

Really, the remarkable thing is that he has set his love on me-- unremarkable me! There's no pity party here, just a sort of awe and thankfulness! I'm not certain why God chooses ones like me, but he does! So for what little I feel I can contribute to the magnification of his glory, I want to do it by faith and obedience.

"She puts her hands to the distaff, and her hands hold the spindle." In my case it is  the "vacuum handle and the scrub brush." Whatever God calls us to do, may we learn to do it with joy and thanksgiving, being fully assured that our life and our work is precious to him. Amen?

(This picture is from a couple months ago. Southern California isn't always golden. It's a good thing we get rain and hail and gloom every now and then. I like the change. Golden days every day, again and again, can become mundane too. Makes me thankful for the easy of an ordinary day like this because it would surely be missed if my home or health to work was taken away. So thank you, dear God!)


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