Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November Miscellany

A few thoughts, quotes, events, and pictures as we move out of this season and into the holidays....

Fall sunsets here are captivating. These pictures are from a spontaneous evening on the shore... just a few moments of play as the sun set.


Tired of politics and all the nonsense it has caused within relationships? Instead of getting all up in arms with what's going on in our culture, consider this:

“The patriot, who hopes that schools and lyceums (or colleges), and the general diffusion of knowledge, will promote the good order and happiness of the community while family government is neglected, will find that he is attempting to purify the streams which are flowing from a corrupt fountain. It is maternal influence, after all, which must be the great agent, in the hands of God, in bringing back our guilty race to duty and happiness. O that mothers could feel this responsibility as they ought! …There is no combination of causes so powerful in promoting the happiness or the misery of our race, as the instruction of home. In a most peculiar sense God has constituted you the guardians and the controllers of the human family.” (The Mother at Home, John S.C. Abbott)

Think again if you feel that "moral" government, culture, schools, etc. will turn out a better generation. Get offline and live in reality, doing the work God has given you right in front of your face, whatever that means for you.  :)

My life will have the greatest impact now and for the generations to come if I faithfully raise up children that hope in God, equipping them to go into the world and be difference makers. We have an incredible opportunity and responsibility as moms. May we not get side-tracked. Stay kingdom-minded. Keep your eyes on Jesus!



A good thought on accepting each of our days as they come (including the surrounding circumstances and trials):

“Mercifully, God does not leave us to choose our own curriculum. His wisdom is perfect, his knowledge embraces not only all worlds but the individual hearts and minds of each of His loved children. With intimate understanding of our deepest needs and individual capacities, He chooses our curriculum… An angry retort from someone may be just the occasion we need in which to learn not only longsuffering and forgiveness, but meekness and gentleness; fruits not born in us but borne only by the Spirit.” (Keep a Quiet Heart, Elisabeth Elliot)


I took pictures till it was too dark, then played with the rest.


The truth is I’m still a complainer at times, but I’m working on it! Here's a good reminder regarding the goodness of God in all things:

“Everything about which we are tempted to complain may be the very instrument whereby the Potter intends to shape His clay into the image of His Son— a headache, an insult, a long line at the check-out, someone’s rudeness or failure to say thank you, misunderstanding, disappointment, interruption. [Seek] a peaceful and happy contentment in the assurance that goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our lives.” (Keep a Quiet Heart, Elisabeth Elliot)


What He Said:

“When I grow up, Mom, I want to be either a trash truck driver or a pastor.”

Um, I had no words. So many, many thoughts… but not a single word.



Because of Romans 6, and other passages:

I thanked the Lord today— out loud as I was driving— because I am learning new things from His Word. They are things that I knew before, but hadn’t fully understood in a way that applied to my life practically. This is the difference between illumination and simple head knowledge. God’s Word is immensely practical, and it works in us in a way that changes us. I am learning in a deeper way what it means to LIVE… To have true LIFE... FREEDOM from the dominion of sin. With the work and help of the Holy Spirit, this is huge in my daily life and tremendously practical. It changes everything!

Oh, that I would increasingly take hold of this truth in such a way that my life continues to change, bearing fruit for His glory.


I wasn't sure if I was going to post these pictures, but I asked the opinion of a special someone and now here they are. I ran my first half marathon this month...

It was a very early morning and the temps were quite a bit cooler than normal. I am not a morning runner. In fact, I am not a morning anything! 

A pre-race smooch. 

I should have been quicker about getting in the lineup because I had to run at a slower pace than I would have liked for the first mile or so. I learned a thing or two about strategy through my mistakes and through the observation of others in this race.

It was fun seeing my people just passed the start, then again midway. Cheers from my tiny crowd were the best!

While I ran, the others played in the cool fog...

I'm thankful for these pictures taken by Jon.

Half way-ish...

It was super special to be on the receiving end of cheers! Having never participated in team or competitive sports, this was a special experience for me.

I typically run my best after the first 5 miles, but in this case I had the worst ever cramps ever to fight through (ladies... you know the ones!). 

Waiting some more. I so appreciate their patience!

Then after I crossed the finish line...

This race was so good for me: training, perseverance in setbacks (shin splints), increased health, completion, new habits, increased motivation... I am thankful. I spent my 20s growing and feeding babies, and entered my 30s physically depleted. My health was not in the best standing for other reasons, and intense fatigue and musculoskeletal issues made me live in pain and exhaustion. The reality of an aging body came swiftly and intensely. Pain and fatigue meant that I wasn't active, and a loss of activity led to a loss of strength and mobility.

But the Lord has been gracious. Though I entered my 30s more or less like an elderly lady, I hope to exit this decade strong and ready for more usefulness ahead. It has always been my desire to enjoy the activity of life with strength and energy. I want to be useful for the kingdom for as many years as the Lord gives me, and focused training and discipline in the area of health is an investment I am eager to make. Yes, I benefit in so many ways, but so do my husband, children, and others whom God places in my life.

On the other hand, if God chooses to take away the use of my legs (for example), I pray that I would recognize the fact that they were His to begin with. Ultimately, He is the one who enables me to use them; if He takes away ability, may I serve Him fully to whatever extent He gives me. I want to use whatever it is He blesses me with to the max for His glory.


We are entering a season of back-to-back festivities, celebrations, and togetherness! It will be a 5-6 week period of increased hospitality, ministry, and energy and financial output. It is a special time to be sure, but I pray that I would never lose sight of who and what truly matters most.



  1. Thank you for taking the time to share what the Lord is doing in your life and will do for us as well! Congratulations on the way race you ran and the life long one you are running:)

  2. I can't tell you what a comfort this post was to me. My husband is going through a health issue (not sure what it is yet) involving his muscles. Your eternal perspective about serving Him in spite of circumstances was a timely reminder.
    I know I've said this before, but I am so thankful for your blog and your willingness to share from your heart. I am always so blessed.
    - Carol

    1. I'm so sorry you are going through this difficulty with your husband. May you both find comfort in the goodness and lovingkindness of our God. ~Katherine


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