Saturday, June 25, 2016

Life Through a Different Lens

It would seem that many people have exchanged images from cameras for phone pics. I get it. It's convenient and easy. However, for me, I've really wanted to learn my dslr. It has been a slow process over the years as I am not at all an intuitive learner. I've resisted exchanging ease and convenience of my iPhone for control, creativity, and quality of my dslr. Some people take unbelievable images with their phones, but I've not been keen on developing another skill on another device and learning multiple new apps. Again, no intuitive learning happens here.

And yet, I do snap pictures with my phone just like anyone else. Sometimes it's to break up monotony, sometimes it's because I simply don't have my camera with me, sometimes because it's less intrusive. Ease and convenience are good, too, and it allows for the preservation of more memories. I needed to make room on my phone, so I've decided to post a few here from the last few months...

Reading with the boys on the sofa, one my favorite things in homeschool

Books like this one is partly why I love it so much.
My children will surely remember me tearing up while reading countless stories and biographies of Christian servant-heroes through the years.

Tired boy at the end of the school year...

A stop at the strawberry stand was a good after-school pick-me-up for him and the rest of the crew.

Monday afternoons this year were spent teaching Olivia H.S. French.

Jacob's face after beating me to a game of cards

An example of the hilarious things my boys do: This was Jacob's mosquito larva farm!
He made the stand with popsicle sticks and made a 'J' at the top with hot glue. Those are live larva swimming around.

Bed-head. Everyday.

After dinner walks with my kids are always special. They have particularly enjoyed using their Starbucks gift cards from Grandma this spring. 

Always fun to play along...

More after dinner walks...

...and sunset watching.

End of season pizza dinner with the family

More walks. Kids open up and talk when walking shoulder to shoulder in the dark. 

The ocean's edge keeps coming closer to the road.
Michael likes photos, too.

Feather earrings made by Michael

Walks again. And skateboarding.
This time Jon could come.

Funny people doing funny things

When waves splash up onto the road, boys naturally get as close as possible.

Working for their father

Relaxing after a swim with lunch and a game.

Washing my kitchen window and sporting an "accidental" hair cut. He got the numbers mixed up at the barber!

Hiding the haircut with a lady's hat in the gift shop

Biking with my younger boys and hanging out at the park

Walking the harbor with the three boys

Ah, this is such a gift to me! Chronic and severe anemia is like suffocating from the inside, every organ and system being affected. Lack of oxygen makes it hard to live energetically and enthusiastically. Infusions of iron have dramatically improved my well-being, and I'm so thankful!

A happy day knowing things are on the verge of improving.
(A boring day for Jacob.)

The start of summer

Chicken wars 

Ideas for me 

Shopping with Olivia and her friends

Four days after an injury and still icing

Elevating my crunched, throbbing and swollen foot while getting ready for the day.
(The truth is, I've always done stretches or leg raises while standing at the bathroom vanity. I may not  always find the time during the day, but I can stretch while flossing and brushing my teeth, and drying my hair.)

Pretty flower from a boy

Life is sweet. If I intentionally look to find the good things, they soon become more numerous. 

And looking through the lens of thankfulness has transformed my outlook.


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