Friday, May 27, 2016

End of Season

Another season of flag football wrapped up for Jacob and Andrew last weekend. They had such a good time again, only wishing their teams made it "all the way!"

We have loved watching them play. If Jon was out of town during the games, I'd text him the updates... whenever one of the boys intercepted or had a good run, or scored a touch down. Jon did the same for me if the two boys' games and locations conflicted, and I could only attend one. 

Most of the season was played under the lights, and I only took my camera along during the afternoon playoff games.

Eyes on the ball...

I just love all the expressions.

Michael spotted me aiming my zoom in his direction... never a serious face!

In fact, both boys were full of beans that day! And Olivia patiently endures!

Going for the flags...

Injuries are a calculated risk in sports. Same goes for climbing cliff-sides and trees, and using jack-knives! It has been my observation that the children of overprotective parents are typically the ones who get hurt the easiest. Maybe it's because their bones don't develop as strongly (because they are underused) and because these kids don't get a chance to develop coordination and agility? I don't know. It's just my theory. But moms, seriously, let your boys be boys! 

Second place medals. Fun group of boys and awesome coach. We are so glad for the new connections we made through this team.

This boy loved every minute of it!

Football is very much a head game for Andrew. He made himself flash cards to learn the plays, and would often go to sleep thinking through new strategies.

His loose tooth fell out during the third quarter of a playoff game.

The school year is almost complete, too! Woo-hoo!!



  1. Jacob was one of my favorites to coach! Always ready to learn and play hard!

  2. Woo-hoo........and only a month till I get to see this family.
    So looking forward to some time together here in Ottawa.
    Love these grands!!!!

    1. We're looking forward to it, too! Summer wouldn't be complete without Canada!


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