Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Springtime, Prayer, and Catching Up

I've been too busy to blog. No, rather, God has not given me the time and the motivation to blog.

I dislike when people complain about being busy. I dislike when people talk about busyness as if being busy somehow elevates one's importance or usefulness in life. It doesn't. I once read a pin on Pinterest that resonated with me: "Stop the glorification of busy." 

But life is very full right now. It's not really a complaint, though, and I don't think I'd be content if I had a whole lot of time and energy to spare. However, sometimes I think life is too full of good things, and the best things get crowded out. Being busy can rob us of the best things in life. It's hard for me to know what needs to be cut out right now. Recently, I've often wished I could consistently depend on a few less hours of sleep. 

I been thinking how I'd love more time to pray. Prayer is one of the best things of life that can easily get crowded out. It is more accurate to say that we allow prayer and time in the Word to get pushed aside. It is said that the busier we are, the more time we need to devote to prayer each day. I believe it. I have so much on my heart, so many supplications to make, some burdens I need to unload, and I long for more prayer. I'm pretty sure that God would provide the energy I need even if I gave up sleep to commune with him. If he calls me into a communicative relationship with him, he will surely provide all that I need to do so. I am no longer satisfied with waking up and falling asleep in prayer, driving in the car alone and praying out loud (so my thoughts don't drift), and shooting up "flare" type prayers during the crisis moments. I want more. I need more.

As far as busyness goes, I think it's important to distinguish between simply a full and frantic schedule, and true industry. I keep asking myself if I'm actually being productive, and wether my work is done unto the Lord. Does my life please Him, and is my work laying up treasures in heaven for his glory? I long for his smile and to hear the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant." I ought to commit this to prayer.


Well there. That was a random introduction. I love coming here and seeing what just pours out. Writing out in this journal/blog helps me gather up and package the many fragmented bits of thoughts and desires that stream in and out of my thoughts.

If a blog could collect dust, this one would be due for a spring cleaning! The boys and their friends were in the pool/spa this weekend, and Michael and his friend were at the beach. Our beach town was super crowed with spring break vacationers last Saturday night while Jon and I spent some time out. We are in sandals and light, airy clothes on most days. I'm in a spring-training of sort, running and exercising regularly once again. So yes, spring is here!

When there is a prolonged amount of time between my posts, I don't really know how to pick up and keep going. I don't really like to do a "catch-up" of events, but at the same time I find it somewhat helpful. It's a place to start, a way to fill in the gaps. March will stand out as special in our memories because I had some of my extended family here for the whole month. I hope to do a little updating soon.

And so, in the interest of catching up in chronological order, I am dumping some pictures which were taken before the month of March.

A  backyard "pet" for Jacob.

Evidences of spring...

An afternoon get-away at an avocado grove. It does us so much good in the midst of full weeks.

Love bugs! I couldn't resist...  ;)


...and oranges

Fort building, then Jon joining us... a happy surprise!

A fun arrangement by the breakfast table


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