Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Boys

Is it possible to be tired and restless? My eyes are dry and heavy, but I am impatient for something. Anything, really. I can't put my finger on it. Jon will be returning from an out-of-state trip soon, and we'll be going out for dinner after I meet him at the airport. I'm looking forward to this, so maybe that's where my impatience comes form.

We're at the end of another week and I am glad for it. Except for Olivia, who is more mature than the rest of us, we did the least amount of school we could get away with because we cannot stand the monotony inside when there are beautiful days outside. I least I can't. Since the boys would prefer to skip school altogether every day, no matter the weather, I think we struck a nice balance. We are all counting down the weeks till summer.

I've camped out in the Psalms this week, refocusing on some of my favorites. At a time when I needed to be reminded once again of God's deliverance in my life, the end of Psalm 91 was an encouragement to me. It was a reminder that God has not only saved me (as if that weren't enough), he has clearly saved me from situational/relational destruction. It did my heart some good to dwell on these verses:  

“Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him;
    I will protect him, because he knows my name.
 When he calls to me, I will answer him;
    I will be with him in trouble;
    I will rescue him and honor him.
 With long life I will satisfy him
    and show him my salvation.”

I called and he did answer; he was with me in trouble and he rescued me. As much as I struggle with certain things in my life, I know this to be true.

And I praise him for it!


One of my favorite things in the spring is to walk out into my yard and gather flowers.
White roses may seem regular to native Californians, but they are some of my favorites. The climbing roses below are also special because they were given to me by a friend and have moved with us over the years.

This week I took the boys to Old Town for lunch. Olivia could not join us; I have a feeling that we'll increasingly be doing things as a smaller group as my growing kids get busier with their own lives and responsibilities. I would have preferred for her to be with us, but time with just the boys was fun, too.

There's always so much to look at. Are all boys fascinated by trinkets?!

Doing a little jig..

He had some coins that were burning a hole in his pocket. He held his four quarters tightly in his fist as he compared prices. This boy would spend all of his money on nicknacks and junky toys if he could!

We hung out in this courtyard for a while, looking at all the displays and taking our time. Michael was still feeling car sick. See him on the bench behind me?! Poor guy.

The gem and fossil store is always a hit with the boys. Michael bought a shark tooth, and I had to convince Jacob NOT to buy me anything. It was a sweet thought, but he'd have to borrow money. In contrast, Andrew is saving up for something and it never even occurred to him to bring a couple bucks to spend.

Still feeling queasy, but handsome nonetheless!

It just occurred to me now that I should have combed Jacob's hair in the morning. Most days, the younger two boys still forget.

After a bowl of soup and tortilla chips with salsa for lunch, we just had to go to the candy store. It's a tradition that their father started. We brought back some dark chocolate mints for Olivia.

I was late getting Olivia from school that day. Then we circled back home for a few moments, and off we went to Jacob's practice. Everyone else decided to come too... I feel like we're always a car-full of people and noise, covering miles of roadway each week.

Back home again, I had to figure out something for dinner. The younger two boys went to a nearby lot and gathered caterpillars. Tons of them. Again.

I think learning about nature this way is much better that learning it from a book. Or worse, never learning at all because wonderment and appreciation of God's creation was never nurtured. Kids have a natural curiosity, but in our culture many kids are not permitted time and opportunity to discover.

Watching with intensity

Still in cleats, he sent his pets off on a boat ride.

My three boys all enjoy cactuses and succulents. Michael started this trend, then Andrew took if a step further with cute little displays that I think he could profit from. Here's what Jacob did with the tiny pot he bought for $0.86 that day. He's hoping it will take root...

Life with my boys has certainly changed. They are growing, doing new things, acting differently than before... Their individual characteristics are becoming more evident, and, in various degrees, they are owning and developing interests and skills that match their personalities. I think the changes are cool to watch. I'm gradually seeing who they will become as men, and I thank the Lord for the privilege of being their mom. Someday, they will marry women that will know them still more. This last sentence caused me to pause with a little lump in my throat, but it is good and right. I am not raising them for me. My prayer and hope is that they would grow to love the Lord with their whole being, and serve him with the help of a loving wife perfectly suited for each of them.

We returned home from our games tonight pretty late. I had promised to make a stop at Starbucks (Jacob's gift card is burning a hole, too!) but the doors were locked when we got there. Instead of driving all over town trying to find one that was still open, I offered to make hot chocolate when we got home. As they showered up and I chopped up dark chocolate for the steaming milk, I made mental notes of this day with my boys:

*New shoes look like old shoes within days. Andrew's new shoes already have two holes in the canvas. I'm not sure how there could be holes on the top of the shoe, but there is apparently no explanation. The rubber edges of Jacob's new shoes came apart, so Jon tried to glue them. That was a nice thought, but they looked terrible and he recommended that I get some new ones. The glued ones are supposed to be "hacking around" shoes, but the newer pair already look similar. I don't think Vans were constructed for my kind of boys.

*Socks are an issue, too. I've long stopped turning them right side out when I fold laundry. And boys who wear holes in their socks because they "forget" to wear shoes when they climb trees or skateboard in yard have to buy their own socks now!

*I overheard Jacob and Andrew from their bathroom tonight: "I'm left to right... no, wait, you're left to right. I'm right to left." They were talking about which side to part their hair. Cowlicks complicate things regularly for them.

*We were in a rush leaving for Andrew's game tonight. Only Andrew and I seemed to be aware of this, so when I sent them to the car Michael was skateboarding, and Jack was playing ball with Olivia on the lane. Of course, Jack was in his socks without shoes. When I put the key in the ignition, everything was locked up solid. The key wouldn't turn, and the steering was locked. I made sure it was correctly in park, I checked the breaks... nothing. I was starting to sweat when I remembered to ask Seri what to do, and pretty soon we were on our way. Apparently one of the boys had been in the driver's seat pretending to drive. I'm still not sure what he did in there.

*Silliness is constant. It's out of control, and mostly it's funny. Michael is usually to blame. On the way to the game, he put on my felt hat and made incessant jokes. When we stopped at red lights he would lean close to his window and stare at the driver beside us, no doubt with a bizarre expression. Some find this funny, but when the light is long and Michael doesn't look away, most begin to get uncomfortable. My other kids find this hilarious. On other days, the younger boys enjoy playing Sweet or Sour with the unfortunate people we stop beside.

*The games tonight were great. Jacob's team is undefeated, and they are in second place so far. He played an awesome game, making an interception and touch down. He is getting fast and nimble, and his ability to be in the game (to stay concentrated) is improving drastically. Andrew played giants tonight, but he played well despite his nervousness. Andrew plays in a way that is very concentrated; he knows his plays well and enjoys strategizing.


A frequent prayer of mine as days close and new ones begin:

"Let your work be shown to your servants,
    and your glorious power to their children.
 Let the favor[a] of the Lord our God be upon us,
    and establish the work of our hands upon us;
    yes, establish the work of our hands!"

Ps. 90: 16-17



  1. So lovely to read! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. i love all your thoughts and observations. It reminds me to slow down and pay attention to the details.

    1. Slowing down is not an easy thing to do sometimes, but well worth the effort!

  3. They are lucky to have you as a mom! Happy that Jacob is doing well in football! He is easy to coach��. And yes, Vans are not made for boys like ours! I have had way better luck with Etnes or DC. They last twice as long.
    I love reading how your family is doing, blessings to you.


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