Monday, December 28, 2015

Simply Thoughtful

The children have made and given me many gifts over the years. I sometimes think it would have been fun to keep a large trunk to store all the gifts and notes that have been delivered to me by little hands. Some have been found in nature, some have come from their toy box, some have been homemade, some have been sweet, some ridiculous, some absolutely precious... While all have not been appreciated (such as live creatures, gross things boys think are cool, or items with suspicious origins), the thoughtfulness and affection has always been precious to me.

I enjoy simple jewelry, and my kids have known this about me. For a long time, though, the adjective "simple" wasn't well understood. When Andrew was about five, he made me an enormous necklace by stringing up his empty, heart-shaped Valentine's box of chocolates. He made it for me in time to wear on my date with Jon. Mother's Day almost always comes with jewelry, too. For a long time, I'd receive brightly colored, ill-fitting, beaded necklaces and bracelets (or a size in between). Michael used to make me pendents with "crystals" he had found. Many of these items are still in my jewelry box on my dresser.

Over time, however, their ideas of what jewelry should look like and their understanding of my personal style has evolved and matured. I love the things they've picked out for me in recent years, and this Christmas was no exception. As always, I received jewelry and a hand crafted gift.

Andrew and Olivia came up with this jewelry display piece, which I love. I love its "earthiness," thoughtfulness, and usefulness. By late afternoon when it's time to start making dinner, I'm typically looking for a place to set the pieces I remove (because my ears need a break or because I prefer my hands to be free of rings and bracelets in the kitchen). This little holder will be perfect!

Michael bought me these earrings along with a long necklace with some pretty pendents from a little boutique in town. His were the first gifts under the tree this year because he had thought through and purchased something for everyone in advance. (Except for Jon's gift... I think buying for fathers is the hardest for everyone!)

Now the issue becomes wearing every one's gifts equally, not favoring one item over the other! Know what I mean?


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