Saturday, October 3, 2015

It's Official...

After the summer months spent measuring and speculating, my 12 year-old son is now officially taller than me. I've suspected so for a few weeks now, but since school started we haven't measured. Olivia initiated all the measuring this afternoon, convinced it could not be true. A measuring tape against the wall and a ruler squared off at the top of our heads seemed to indicate a tie at 5'7", so we tried a few other ways of determining "the winner," as Michael referred to it. No hats allowed, even to hide hat-head.

Then came the idea to use a level... and the bubble clearly favored Michael. Expressionless till now, just look at that air of satisfaction in his face!

But... I still outweigh him.  ;)

Later in the day, Michael and Olivia met up with the youth group to clean the church while our regular crew is away. The group went out for dinner when the job was done, and I found myself alone with my younger boys this evening. They were up for making dinner as I worked on hemming some panels for Jon's home office. Of course they needed some direction, but they did most of the chopping, sauteing, and mashing of potatoes on their own.

It's important to me that a) my kids learn their way around a kitchen, and b) appreciate the work involved when a meal is prepared for them.

They made a pretty good mess (including windows, cabinets, and floors), but it was still more help than hassle.

I took these pictures from outside the kitchen window, through the screen. I like the muted effect it has on the image.

Andrew wanted to wear the onion goggles that clearly don't fit him, and Jacob used the meat mallet to skin the garlic. They stopped every now and then to dance to the music that was playing.

This day was a nice break from a petty intense week. I am thankful that God always knows what we can handle and what we cannot, and provides rest in His perfect timing.



  1. I love your new header and author photo. You always do such a beautiful job on your blog. Is there really such a thing as "onion goggles" or are those just swimming goggles? Either way, I just might need to try that! :-)

    1. Onion goggles are real! Mine were gifted to me, but I've seen them at Sur La Table. Swimming goggles would work great, too; they would be cheaper and funnier!


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