Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Grace Like Rain

Somewhere in the early morning hours, I awoke to the sound of rain. It's a normal thing to most, I suppose, but quite the novelty for us. And so desperately needed. We all slept in; the cool weather allowing us to finally sleep after many restless nights. For the first night in many, I didn't find people sleeping in places they don't normally sleep, such as the floor, or the sofa, or the guest bed.

It's raining again tonight, and I hope to make it to bed before it stops. Rainfall at night is just so wonderful.

Breakfast and rain: wild honey on toasted homemade bread, and a fresh, damp breeze through open windows. And jeans and coffee. We are enjoying this change for the 24 hours this weather will last.

We didn't do a good job closing things up, since at nighttime it was still quite hot. The door to the deck off our bedroom was wide open during the night, but I've got to say it was a lovely way by which to discover the change of weather.

After five months or so of eating our meals outdoors, we gathered around the dining room table tonight.

I was on the road this morning, driving Olivia to school, and the thought of God's grace being poured out like rain occupied my mind. He lavishly dispenses grace upon grace, and I admittedly hardly ever recognize it. Sure, I remember it when I consider the life and death of Jesus on my behalf, but God is also intimately involved in every single aspect of my life. I couldn't-- even if I tried-- have any idea how much grace He continuously pours out to me. It makes me wonder if I would more worthily walk this life if I had a better grasp of His grace. It makes me want to know more of His love for me, 'cause I want to walk that worthy walk.

Olivia reminded me of this old song as we drove along in the rain:

Grace Like Rain, by Todd Agnew (click to listen)


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