Wednesday, September 9, 2015

An Update of Sorts, and Ramblings

 A lone rose from the backyard for the living room

Tuesday, September 8

It seems I have fallen out of the habit of blogging, or perhaps, I haven't been able to make adjustments for the changes in this season of life. It used to be I could carve out little sections of time here and there; plus, my kids went to bed earlier, and Jon was away more often. One of the things I am really missing is time alone, just simple time without having to play catch-up or meet pressing issues. Time alone is so rare and hard to come by. You'd think it would be easier now compared to when my kids were little, but it's not. I don't want to be glued to the computer more than I have to while my kids are around. My active presence during these years is important to me because I know they will be gone in no time. So blogging gets the very back burner.

But tonight it's too hot to sleep, so instead of tossing and turning in exasperation I am here at the dining table, alone except for the chirping cricket outside the door. Ahh.

We worked a half day of school on Labor Day so that today, when the temperatures soared, we could take off for an afternoon at the beach. I picked Olivia up from her school at 1:15 in Jon's truck all loaded with surfboards and beach things. It's after Labor Day now, so the beaches are only sparsely sprinkled with locals. In other words, the beach was practically our's today. That was a good thing because when we got there I found out that my swimsuit bottom was inside out. That's what happens when I try to do a lot in a little amount of time. Still, it is my aim to get out of the routine now and then; nature is a wonderful stress relief for the kids.

I couldn't help but notice the clouds as we were out today. We have the most lovely clouds here in our corner of the country. They are spectacular in beauty and in variety. It's too bad they are only empty promises to us, lovely to look at but rarely delivering rain. We have forgotten what it's like not to live in a time of drought. I am reminded that God's Word is not an empty promise; His words go forth and accomplish His purpose. His Word will not return void.

They say the rains could come this winter, that El Niño will pay us a visit. That would be helpful, but I wonder about this old house we call home. I am not confident it can withstand El Niño.

Andrew and Jack in our school room

School is in full swing now and, as predicted, the new routine of responsibility is becoming more comfortable. There have been many new experiences, opportunities for growth, failures from which to learn, and funny stories. Jacob discovered that the elastic waistband adjuster on the inside of his shorts had slipped out and become useless just moments before the start of his first PE class. His shorts would literally have fallen off his slender body unless he constantly held them up. To avoid embarrassment, his only option during class was to run with his hands in his pockets so as to hold up his shorts. His PE teacher called him out because "running with your hands in your pockets is unsafe." We had a good laugh when he described to us his predicament.

Olivia's biology teacher has given us much to talk about in our car rides home and around the dinner table. His folly and blindness to the Truth have been good reminders that God had to open our eyes to the Truth at one time, and our attitude toward unbelievers should be of compassion and love. Olivia has been quick to find a handful of other Christian girls (or, at least, they are "churched"); I am thankful that their worldview and character traits were evident enough to spot each other in class after just a few periods.

I am learning a thing or two as well. For one, I realize now that I raised some difficult eaters! Actually, most who know us well also know that my kids have always been good eaters and enjoy a variety of more sophisticated flavors. But now that I am packing lunches, a quick peanut butter sandwich is only balked at. Michael's favorite: roast beef or pastrami with specialty mustards on sourdough. Olivia likes smoked Gouda, multi-grain pita crackers, and red grapes. She has also been making large amounts of nut, dried fruit, and chocolate chip trail mixes in a gallon-size ziplock bag to keep on hand, but those of us as home find it irresistible. Jon is especially fond of her stash. Anyway, I am open to some healthy lunch ideas...

Our temps are going up and up this week. Growing up in Canada I remember the start of the school year bringing cooler weather, even in August. Not so in SoCal. The summer just gets started here in August, and September isn't any cooler. We are sleeping with the French doors flung wide open and the fans a-whirling. But the days are getting shorted and the sunsets are moving closer to our horizon. Soon we will be racing up the stairs in the evenings to see the sunset show-- God's handiwork across the ocean sky.

Peppers and a tomato from Olivia's garden 


Wednesday, Sept. 9

Lunch time now over with the three boys. They were in the pool, gliding around on inner tubes, and sipping cold smoothies. Its' not a bad life! Today is hotter than yesterday, tomorrow will be the worst. As in life, I will find ways to create enjoyment in the midst of difficulty.  

Now it's back to school work, and I click this post into existence.



  1. On the one hand, part of me wants to beg you to NOT stop blogging. Every time I read a post of yours I feel like you express what's on my heart, but I can't seem to find the words for, or you help change my perspective, helping me to remember God's faithfulness and my need to quickly turn to Him instead of rely on myself. On the other hand, it is the very intentional-ness you have towards your family that I admire so much.
    You are right, these days (while the days themselves can feel long) are so fleeting. There is no place for shoulda-woulda-coulda.
    I look forward to any snippets you might find time for. :-)
    P.S. Your rose (or rather your photograph) is stunning.

    1. Thank you, Carol. This blog is so helpful to me because the very act of writing helps me to funnel my thoughts into right thinking. Writing brings me clarity; there is an instructive quality that comes from organizing thoughts and motives into sentences and paragraphs.

      My roses haven't done very well this year. I've always wanted a garden that would supply me with bouquets for the house, but this year I have to be content with a single blossom now and then.

      Thanks for your comment. I always appreciate them.


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