Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Travels

There is something so very deceptive about summer. The change of pace and the relaxed schedule would lead us to believe that time is on our side, but the weeks fly by and it is clear time definitely does not slow down for anything. I should know it by now- that summer goes by much too quickly- but it always catches me by surprise. So July has grown ripe: we're counting the last few weeks remaining before classes start, I'm feeling the pressure to tackle that to-do list of summer jobs with more determination, and we're mapping out the last of the bucket list items so that no one is left feeling too disappointed by summer's end.

One major item on our "Summer List" each year is travel to Canada. Olivia always pencils it in with such hopefulness. We were definitely not expecting the freedom to even leave the state of California, but when the arrangement with our foster kids changed, we jumped on a narrow opportunity and packed our bags. It was good for me to step away, to change my thoughts a little; it was especially good to see family, and then to enjoy some time alone just the six of us. 

Of course traveling as a family of six with very little advance planning can be tricky, but Jon is expert! We saved a bundle by taking a double vacation, and used points to make it all work in our favor. We traveled many extra hours and covered more ground, but in the end we were able to see and do much more. We flew into NYC, drove many hours north, and visited family on both sides of the US/Canada border.

I am still been trying to figure out why my pictures are not loading more clearly, but I'll never get around to posting these if I wait till everything is perfect. Life's just not like that, right?! Waiting for perfection hardly gets you anywhere.

First up was Jon's side of the family (my side will be in another post):


My new sweetie-pie niece with Michael...

Olivia just adores this little cousin

 Finding frogs and things

 It's SO hard to get everyone looking and smiling at the same time! 

 Grandma and grandkids

After another few hours of driving, Ottawa. Jon's mom's backyard and home is so special to my kids. They worry all the time about her selling the house!

 Olivia made another swing beneath the old crab apple tree. 

Cottage country. We made a couple visits to the old family cottage. Lake swimming is a novelty to my kids... so different from the Pacific!

My sister-in-law's dog, Captain, was a real celebrity as far as my boys were concerned!

Finding minnows

Lots of relaxing

Family. Such a precious thing.


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