Monday, May 4, 2015

Of Late

There's always plenty going on, isn't there? If you're like me, it seem to all gel together into some sort of jumble by the end of a week's time. Someone will ask, "How was your week?" and I've already forgotten.

In the last week there has been a theme: Running! I haven't been running in my running shoes as much, but just always running! Running out the door, running out of time, running out of food, out of patience, out of money, out of ideas. And yet, never running out of things to do! Never running out of self. Perhaps the other kinds of running wouldn't be so bothersome if I was a little more empty of self.

Let's see. A few things stick out from the last 7 days…

First of all, Andrew is almost clear across the country this week visiting with friends. It's was a great opportunity for him and I didn't even let my mom-type worries get in the way. He flew out with Jon on Saturday to Chicago; Jon continued on to Kentucky from there while Andrew stays with dear friends for the week. Because the first flight was delayed, Jon didn't have time to clear security with Andrew and meet up with our friends. The transfer was made safely in the end, but there were some nervous feeling from here! I'm thankful for this experience for Andrew. He talks all happy and brave on the phone; I probably won't know if he misses home until he returns.

Also, I've been watching Jack's big toe closely since Jon pulled out the longest, thickest splinter ever. It was more like a small plank impaled straight into the ball of the toe. We don't quickly run to urgent care around here: Jon sterilized some pliers and a metal blade in the flame of his torch and did a little surgery. Jack was brave as always, and his toe looks like its going to fair out just fine as the redness and swelling subside.

I had a slew of appointments last week. After one doctor's visit, I drove over to the lab for some blood work while Jon was home with the kids. The parking was full and I was driving Jon's F-150. I entered the parking area only to discover the last space was way too small, so I had to back out since the parking lot was like a dead end. I flung my arm over the passenger headrest and looked out the rear window, then proceeded confidently in reverse. Then CRUNCH! An elderly couple in their Lexus backed out of their parking space just as I was passing through. Gah. These sorts of things really get to me. They make me feel costly in time and trouble. Jon is great though; he takes me and my expenses all in stride.

Friday night we hosted a little evening/meeting time for the youth leaders of our church. It was such fun, partly because the group is just so special, and partly because it's so nice to have people over and converse with adults. (Can you tell I feel like I'm living in a very small and difficult world right now?!) My food turned out fine, relationships were deepened, and plans for the future were made. I feel so thankful to be in the loop on things, especially as my older kids are now (or will soon be) the recipients of their ministry.

Saturday night Olivia was at a youth event, and afterwards her friend spent the night with us. Again, I was so blessed. The girls and I chatted in the kitchen till we were all tired, laughing and goofing off. I felt so privileged that my teenage daughter and her friend wanted to hang out with me!

Today I had only three kids with me for most of the day: Olivia, Michael and Jack. We are nearly done all our course work for the year, so we packed up after I dropped the other two kids off at the charter school and went to the beach. Olivia had an online class late in the morning, so she set up her things in the car overlooking the ocean. Not a bad way to do school. I am considering new options and praying about the next school year. The only sure thing is that we are transitioning, but I'm not sure how it will all play out. It will be some sort of "hybrid schooling" in which I dip into all sorts of new options and try to maintain flexibility and a custom education. We shall see…

But for today, this was our classroom and I liked it very much!


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