Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Clothes to Share

She is my Olivia, and she is a girl like me. We are more alike than not, I think, and this season of life has been so fun. We are now entering a new phase, one that will means more clothes and more sharing. This was her last Sunday: my boots, my coat, my dress (which I wear as a shirt-- it's so short!), and the leg warmers and cardigan (not visible) were also once mine. I can't quite wear much of her things yet, but I do borrow items like scarves, a vest, and other accessories. We love it!

Last night I lay in bed trying to solve a problem. This one has to do with Jon and Michael and all the black men's socks I have to sort, fold, and keep in the correct dresser. I'm having a hard time keeping things straight and remembering if the Puma socks with the emblem at the top are Michael's and if the ones with the emblem on the bottom are Jon's. Or is it the other way around? What about the ones I bought for Michael and ended up being used by Jon-- Which ones were those again? 

So I lay there in the dark thinking: What am I going to do when all the boys wear men's socks? Will they have to have communal socks? What about the underwear?! There has got to be some sort of system out there...

It's a funny problem to have, I suppose, but I seriously wouldn't mind knowing what other moms do. Any suggestions?



  1. I'm chuckling because we go through the same thing. My adult sons and my husband wear the same size/style V-neck t-shirts. Just today I took a little embroidery thread (lime green for my husband) and just made a little stich in the lower hem. Now I will know (and so will they) that the black V-neck tee with the green stitch is Dad's!
    Such fun to be able to share with your sweet daughter. You both are so lovely.

  2. So sweet- I have already started a communal drawer for socks and underwear for my boys! Saves me tons of time :) Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments as well! It's kind of surreal to not be at Grace anymore but this is quickly feeling like home. Hope you and your family are felling well. Hugs to you


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