Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Decking the Halls

We are getting into the fun of Christmas decorating and baking this week. While the others finished up school work yesterday afternoon, Jack and I set things up and started the gingerbread cookies. We must always have gingerbread cookies when we decorate the tree! It's our little tradition that goes to our first couple years as a family when the cookies served as ornaments. Then when the babies grew to toddlers (and cookie ornaments slowly and "mysteriously" lost their body parts until only a soggy head hung from the ribbon), and our collection of real ornaments began to increase, I started serving gingerbread cookies while we decorated the tree together. The tradition has persisted.

It struck me last night as the kids hung their little ornaments and reminisced about years gone by, that they are all growing up way too fast! It seems like just a little while ago they were all in their pajamas with rounded bellies and cookie crumb faces looking into the tree for the perfect place to hang their special ornaments. I remember how I'd go back to the tree later in the evening and re-disperse the decorations since most of them hung in clusters on the bottom branches. I remember how in the days to follow, my kids would play all sorts of games in and around the tree with their toy animals, or lay on the ground with their little music boxes, winding up the music and watching the little figures dance.

Times are different now. Different, but still good.

The memories make me want to hug them tight and savor the moments all the more this month.



  1. Amelia came running down the hall last night and my heart ached as I thought about how fast she's changing. I keep searching for words that aren't so cliche, but I can't find them. It's all too fast and I want to stop time. I love them being little! But I've been so challenged, as I long for time to stop and them not to grow older I think of what a tragedy it would be if they really didn't grow older. It's a blessing that I have healthy children that are growing too fast. Will you be at Shepherds? Caleb is going and the kids and I are thinking of joining him. It would be fun to see you.

    1. I know what you mean about it all sounding so cliché, but it's true nonetheless: Our kids grow up too fast. I do like your reminder that it IS good they are growing up! It's a tragedy when parents stifle their children's independence because they can't bear the thought of their children growing up and leaving (mothers in particular are prone to this). So yes, what a wonderful thing it is to see them growing and becoming independent, able individuals.

      As for Shepherds, I'm sure Jon will be there but I typically don't go. Still, it would be fun to arrange a time to catch up. Let me know what your plans are.


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