Thursday, October 23, 2014

Out to Play

It has been a full work day for me here. Some days I just have to move from one thing to the next, knowing full well that I can't possibly get to the bottom of the list. God doesn't expect me to do any more than I can, just to be faithful with my time and energy. I just finished scrubbing a shower and bathroom, and changing out ANOTHER load of laundry.

Life is not just about the work though! Good thing! I think a break now and then will only help me push forward later on. So this is it, a short break here at the computer for just a while.

(I doubt it will be uninterrupted though. Already I've had to help settle an issue between brothers, and stop one of their activities and redirect to another. I gave Michael an old modem to take apart, and he keeps coming in from the garage to show me the long strands of copper, or the tiny lights, or to explain to me how the pieces are soldered together. He says things like, "Mom! I just made an awesome discovery!" We now have a nice supply of copper for his science experiments. The little boys are now squealing as they run around in their swimsuits outside, throwing a wet ball at each other, and I wonder how our neighbors feel about us! Andrew came in to tell me I've got some pretty roses in bloom, and I went out to collect them for the kitchen island. Now where was I...?)

Some days I need a longer break, other days I sense my kids could benefit from a break from the usual. Now and then I think running around outdoors can be the best use of our time, regardless how much work awaits. This typically rubs agains my grain, against the way I'm wired. I have the tendency to want everything to be done before I can relax and have fun.

Anyway, this is what we did on Monday. It was just a spur of the moment outing. We remember these outings more than we remember dusted shelves and folded laundry.

Above: I failed at getting our start-of-the-year picture, a little tradition at the beginning of a new school year. I guess this will be it.

It's mostly a boy-world around here, but she and I band together. Actually, we're both probably more comfortable doing the boy stuff than we are with girly things.

My new hair cut. Kinda, sorta. It has already been a month since it was cut, and this is two-day old hair! Talk about not having everything done before heading out the door!

Michael had carved a little wood arrowhead, and he wanted to know my opinion. Olivia kept taking pictures...

Running free, making discoveries...

Funny mushrooms.

 Jacob looking at his brother, amazed (perplexed?) at the things he finds to do.

A little bun, held together by a stick.

Leave it to Olivia to find a tree swing!

And leave it to Michael to test it out first...

Oh, the joy!

I'm the trusty holder of treasures...

Puckering up when I made an exception and allowed the walking stick to come home. There are endless "special" sticks with my boys!

Oh, that I would not be overcome with my work and forget to enjoy my husband and children! I'm working at letting them know I enjoy them!


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  1. Thank you for the sweet reminder. Work can overwhelm us, but love should all the more. I need to be reminded of this often.
    On a little lighter note...what a fun teeter-totter to have come across, and I really like your hair cut. You are beautiful - inside and out.


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