Friday, July 11, 2014

All Boys

Today is a good day. Olivia returns home from camp and I get my little female companion back. We are our own support group.

It's also a good day because it's Jon's birthday, but we're waiting on Olivia as much as we can to celebrate.  By the time you become a parent, no celebration is complete without your family. We did go out for breakfast this morning to kick start another year of life, but cake and presents will wait. I am thankful for his life, for the fact that I get to share it with him.

This has been an interesting week for me here with my three boys and their friends, along with all their boy things. I tried to capitalize on the opportunities of summer freedom and boys only.

Michael's good friend moved away some time ago and they don't often see each other. This friend is the kind of boy that I want my son to be with as much as possible, and so he has been dearly missed by both Michael and I. Sort of last minute we were able to arrange all the details for this friend to spend a few days with us. They biked (sometimes on their own, once with the little boys on their bikes and me running), they swam, started making a movie, did the beach, played games, and much more. One evening when I came home from a meeting, Jon was building rockets with them. As the sun was setting, we all piled in the truck with rockets and detonators and headed to a near by school.

But then the rockets didn't go. So we piled in again and took off for the nearest Walmart, then returned to the school for the show. I didn't get pictures because it was dark by then, but the boys were not disappointed. In fact, we were quite surprised by what those rockets could do.

Oh, yes, and we also got stuck in the sprinklers that night. All the better, I suppose, when you are a boy.

Jacob had the pleasure of spending a couple days with his friend as well, so for a tiny bit of the week it was just Michael, Andrew, and I. We had one lazy morning (the boys recovering from late nights), and I made us breakfast crêpes to be enjoyed outside.

I do love a good lazy morning now and then. After breakfast I did my mat exercises out on my bedroom deck, loving the fact that this is open window and door season...

Then we got ready to run a few fun errands...

After shopping for Jon's birthday, I took the boys to the dollar store (AKA "the junk store") to get pool inner tubes. It's cheap fun for the few days while they last. The boys let me indulge in a quick stop at an estate sale warehouse where I found a nice glass canister for $2 and Michael found a wooden box that opens to a chess board for $4. I also found a neat little sideboard, so I took some pictures to show Jon. I'm still undecided about that item, but the size is right and the hardware is cool. Then, as though breakfast crêpes weren't enough, I stopped to get the boys ice cream and we sat by the beach until the ice cream was gone.

Ultimate lazy day...

Then Jacob came home newly in love with baseball. So it was baseball for the rest of the day...

...including when Jon came home from the office. I even took my turn pitching. It turns out that boy can hit hard, and he seems to have a thing for hitting people in the face. Andrew and I, sadly, don't have the best reflexes!

We took the boys to the local farmers market that night. The people who come out are the most interesting to me; I'd love to sit on a bench and people watch some night.

Oh, look at Jacob's eyes! They used to be a solid brown -- not dark chocolate like Andrew's, but a true medium brown. I've noticed more and more green appearing over the last few months. Maybe his eye color will end up more like mine, brown with definite shades of green. Is that called hazel? And the bloodshot parts of his eyes? Well, that's from salt water, chlorinated water, sun, and probably a lack of sleep.

Jon's b-day present, still sitting on the table waiting for Olivia to join us...

I love wrapping gifts. Here I used a flight map of Memphis that a friend gave me before moving overseas. I don't think she knew I enjoyed wrapping and decorating gifts: Thank you G.N.! 

So there, a few snap shots of a July week. Happy weekend...


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