Sunday, April 27, 2014

God in the Mystery

It was the perfect day to be outdoors-- a lovely day to be savored and remembered here.

After school, we took off on our bicycles and ended up here. Where else?

My mud lovin' boy...

...and football playin' girl.

Brothers. Two amigos.


Anklet made of a thin seaweed strand.

Lacing up for the ride back.

Taking a detour off the main road always brings unexpected pleasantries...

California poppies: like delicate sunshine springing up from the ground.

My sunshine loving sweetie. She is hoping for a hot summer.


The rain came down suddenly and forcefully last night. I turned on the deck light to see if there was hail because the rain drops against my kitchen window sounded like pellets. The wind soon picked up and flung over the patio umbrella, and both the umbrella and its heavy base blew across the deck, stopping only at the railing. 

Such a contrast to our bright, sunny day on sandy beach and through the loveliness of wild blossoms. 

Sunny days... They are a blessing to be savored. The same goes for happiness; it is a sweet gift. But just like the bliss of a carefree sunny afternoon, happiness comes and goes.

After the rain and deep into the night, the wind raged on. Strange noises kept me awake, even caused me to check twice for the possibility of a slamming window in the garage below my bedroom. My bathroom door slammed hard, and the neighbor's gate clanked against the fence all night long. The palm tree outside my bedroom was nearly bent over in the gale, like palms in the images of east coast hurricanes, and I wondered if it would find its way into the pool. I pulled the covers higher around my cheeks, feeling lonely in a big empty bed. Somehow these storms are felt differently with the warmth and comfort of my husband near me. I was not afraid and I tried to sleep through it, but rest was illusive. I wondered if our football games would be cancelled. I wondered if the roof would fly off. I trust you God. Give me peace and joy in the storm of chaos and uncertainty. 

Happiness is not the pursuit of my life. Treasures in heaven are not stored up by chasing happiness in this life. Happiness is unreliable and illusive anyway, an empty pursuit.

But JOY! That is deeper and enduring. Joy is a gift given by God for those who walk by the Spirit. And I want it!

We walk out into the unknown when the Spirit leads. We do not walk blindly or foolishly, but confidently and with a calm excitement. Others may not understand; they may even wonder at the wisdom, or warn of the risk. But the Spirit leads our hearts when we seek Him, and I want to follow. Into the unknown, into the night of mystery and looming storm, I will follow.

And to me He says, "Fear not. I am with you always." To the storm He says, "Peace, be still."

So I am not afraid because I am His and He is mine. And in the mystery of the unknown, He is the story writer. There is something exhilarating about a storm raging all around, because in that storm-- in the dark power and the danger, in the undisclosed outcome-- is God who is holding it all together. 

And He is holding me.


I've had this song playing on my computer this week. Fitting.



  1. Beautiful, timely, encouraging. Thank you for blessing me this morning. I love that song, too.

  2. I love this! So beautiful :-)... I have never heard that song. It is so AWESOME!! It was really a perfect ending to this post :-).

  3. Thank you for sharing- so helpful to think about how He is with us even when storms are raging outside! The song is very cool- glad you shared it!


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