Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Chill

This is a quick little picture post of recent days visiting with family. Our first few days at my mother-in-law's were relatively mild for winter weather, and the kids played and shoveled 'roads' in her back yard. The big highlight activity with their cousins is always sliding down the basement stairs on a foam mattress. I did it a couple times with them too, and I can see how it brings hours of amusement. After this visit, though, Grandma just might have to replace that dilapidated mattress.

With poor lighting and squirmy children, this was our best attempt for a picture of the grand kids for Jon's mom.

New Year's Day we spent with my side of the family at my sister's house. By that point, the temperatures had dipped down to ridiculous lows, and though it was beautiful outside we were hardly able to play outdoors. No matter-- the kids always look forward to time together, as do the adults. The hours pass by all too quickly.

My mom with her six grandsons and Olivia.

 OK, I just can't get enough of this cutie...

So sweet of these guys to let their auntie stick her big black camera in their faces and still smile! I played peek-a-boo below the island counter to get the one below...

My sister has the perfect house to gather together, and she is an easy-going and gracious host.

We all arrived with little or no winter outerwear, and we're thankful for all the things we were able to borrow.

Winter "blossoms"~

I had thin little gloves on in order to manipulate the dials and buttons on my camera, and within minutes my hands were hurting bad. I had to return to the house for warmth just as my brother-in-law started giving my kids rides on the snow mobile. I didn't succeed at taking pictures from inside as well as I had hoped.

My brother, who is an amazing wood worker in his spare time, made each of the kids a little wooden top for Christmas. 

 It was -27 degrees Celcius on New Year's Day when we left my sister's house. The next day it was -37 degrees with wind chill. Brutal. Apparently we're breaking records. Last night the weather lady on TV said it's colder than the current temperature at the South Pole, and just as cold as the ambient temperature on Mars. Just now my mother-in-law said it's -27 here now, and -15 at the North Pole.

I asked Michael today, "So, what do you think? Would you want to live here, is this a fun place to visit, or do you never want to come back for the rest of your life?"

He said, "This is a fun place to visit." The happy middle.

And it is a pretty fabulous place to visit; beautiful in many ways, but fabulous because of the people!


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  1. wow....very cold...reminds me of our -40 in Montana. the snow is so beautiful though. love all your pictures and i enjoyed all your Christmas ones too. looks like such a sweet time with family.


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