Friday, October 4, 2013

Afternoon Garden Party

I think the idea for a party all started with extra limes, or maybe it was because we still hadn't celebrated Olivia's half birthday. Either way, our plans for the week fizzled when a long awaited special guest was unable to come, and the overall sentiment this afternoon was sombre just like the clouds overhead.

So we decided to have a little party, just for the fun of it. Ever since the kids were really little, when saying "...and a half" after their age was a big deal, we have a special day of sort for half birthdays. Of course, who would want to grow out of that? So far none of my kids have wanted to give up this little tradition. Typically it is very simple, usually involving a desert of choice and x number of candles plus a half candle, and a very small gift.

I didn't plan any of our party in advance, except for picking up strawberries and raspberries at Trader Joe's the day before when I thought it might be fun but still hadn't told the kids. So, the berries were my only expense.

Nearly everyone helped make the tart shells, which is why I think something went awry with our recipe. I made the lime curd after lunch while the kids finished up some school work, the boys moved the furniture down from the deck, and Michael climbed the tree to tie up the canopy. Everything was put together as we went: flowers from the yard tied with leftover ribbon, an old ladder from the crawl space under the house to help hold up the canopy, a scarf from my closet as a table cover, and thrifted plates and chandelier. The limes and fresh, raw goat's milk were from a generous friend. (The jar of lime curd is for you, B.)

Olivia helped with the baking, but after that she read in her room while we assembled our little garden surprise...

Mr. Lovy-Dovy himself ;)

Pictures which include me are normally blurry because the boys say they know how to focus but don't take the time to do it!

Andrew doesn't know how to savor, and was the first to finish.

After desert and milk the kids played card games. They stayed there playing till it began to get dark, so I brought out some candles and made some peppermint tea. It was nice to prolong our afternoon into the evening.

12 1/2 years old. She still has no interest in becoming a teenager!

I let the kids have sleepovers tonight-- Andrew is on the trundle in Olivia's room, and Michael is camped out on the floor next to Jack. This means they will be up earlier than usual in the morning.
It's late already for me. Tomorrow in fact. Jon is not home so I have this terrible problem of staying up way too late, not realizing how quickly the evening hours slip by. Oh, but I do love the quiet! Maybe it's because I don't get the normal dose of quiet hours most adults have in a day!

Tomorrow will no doubt start too soon and too loud...


  1. the pictures are so beautiful. you have the sweetest children. i love how you take the time to celebrate and enjoy them.


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