Tuesday, September 10, 2013


He's seven years old now. Almost unbelievable.

It was our Labor Day Thursday, a beautiful day in every way, so we took off for the beach. First, though, we had a pancake breakfast together, then Jon took Jacob out to be fitted for a wetsuit-- his gift from Grandma. He was thrilled. No more turning blue!

We practically had the place to ourselves, just the way we like it.

Michael making us laugh...

Sometimes I have to force myself just to just be the mom I want to be. I want to be the kind of mom that's out there with her kids, having fun and living alongside them. It's definitely easier not to be that kind of mom! Last week that meant not relaxing in the sun when it felt soooo nice, but entering the cold ocean water instead.

Of course I didn't regret a moment of it-- and it really wasn't that cold after all. I had a blast and can't wait for more! September beach days are the absolute best.

Olivia took the pictures for me, but because of the harsh afternoon sunlight we turned out to be dark silhouettes. I did the best I could with iPhoto to make us a little more visible.

Michael worked with Jack a bit on the surf board...


I turned for a moment and almost missed him getting up...

After I took these shots Olivia had me out on the surf board too, and I became a student next to Jack. She's a good little teacher!

I kept thinking how thankful I am-- for my kids, for living where we live, and for a stronger, healthier back that isn't keeping me nearly immobile like last summer.

Andrew gets up on his boogie board. His shorts, however, have a hard time staying up!

Jon picked up some burgers and joined us for dinner at the beach. We stayed till the sun began to set, and arrived back home in the dark. Jack decided he was too tired for his birthday dessert, and concluded that it would be best to celebrate his first FULL day of being seven. So that's what we did the following evening.

This year he asked for chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows. I made a lemon loaf instead of the traditional pound cake, which has never sounded tasty to me.

He's such a sweet part of our family, our little Jack! We love him to bits! He's a tough little guy, yet so affectionate and charming. Just the other night, in a non-joking tone, he said to me, "Good night my little treasure chest!" He has tons of confidence, a silly sense of humor, and a personality all his own. So many times I look at him and want to grab his little face in my hands and smother him with kisses. Most times I restrain myself, but not always.

I'm so thankful for his seven years of life!


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