Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rehearsing the Goodness of God

It's a quiet evening: The clothes are set out for church tomorrow, breakfast and lunch preparations are made, and my kids are tucked in and sleeping. There is a soft blue glow of Jon's computer coming through the French doors leading to his office, and a gentle breeze against my left shoulder casually streaming in from the kitchen window. 

(Regarding the pictures~ I took my dad to see various attractions and historical points of interest while he visited last week. Jon accompanied us to the airport on the day my dad left, then we revisited the lighthouse. We were there from early morning till nearly mid-day, when school obligations forced us back home.)

I am thankful tonight in ways I can't quite express, and about situations I can't quite discuss; nonetheless, my heart beats thankfulness to God.

Though some challenges have begun to force in against us, I see so many good things unfolding. There is resolute determination, faith in the omnipotent God, and, I pray, opportunity for Jon and I to grow closer and for our children to mature in character. Oh, I don't know! I just have a good feeling about it all! Maybe it's because I have been thinking on God's faithfulness over the course of my life as I prepare to share my testimony. Remembering His works in my life, and seeing how He has used situations, people, and trials to accomplish His beautiful purposes, have allowed me to look into the face of change and possible hardship with joy. 

Rehearsing the goodness of God in the past --remembering the details of a hardship and the gift of faith in a trustworthy, compassionate, and loving God-- leads to greater and more resolute faith in the present. Didn't God know that we are quick to forget? That's why He told the children of Israel to remember, to talk about and to celebrate, His great deeds. I want to become a woman who rehearses the goodness of God, both privately and publicly.

We attended a lovely wedding today. Actually, Jon officiated another wedding today and I got to sit and listen to the exhortations given as though it were a direct reminder to Jon and me. That's the good thing about all the weddings Jon does: We are frequently reminded about the beauty and responsibility of marriage, and about the great blessing God has given us in each other. It's a special benefit we have: Jon is reminded in his preparation and by speaking the truths, and I am reminded by hearing those truths spoken by the lips of my own husband.  Again, it's rehearsing, remembering, bringing us back, and grounding us all over again.

Oh, by the way, Jacob declared with great gusto from the back seat of the car this week that lips are for kissing! He couldn't think of any other reason for lips, and I couldn't agree more!  

For this shot taken by Olivia, the wind from behind was blowing my hair forward. Kissing remedied this irritating problem, as it does many other problems in life.

Looking at these pictures, I see how my life is so much richer and satisfying because of God's intervention in my plans. His ways are not our ways, and I am certainly glad for that! He saved me, not only from sin (as if that weren't enough!), but also from the emptiness that would have resulted in my own plans and desires.

"But as for me, the nearness of God is my good;
I have made the Lord God my refuge,
That I may tell of all Your works."

Ps. 73:28


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