Sunday, March 31, 2013

Not a Fairy Tale Life

We had a very full week of good things, fun things. Interspersed among the regular routine of the week I had planned a good number of special activities, everything from extra-curricular activities for school, seasonal projects for fun, decorating Olivia's room, training with the kids for a race, and just plain sweet time together remembering and rehearsing God's good news of salvation.

And we did many of the things that I'd hoped for. But I have this problem --a problem which I assume is quite common among women-- of having unreasonably high hopes for my plans. I imagine them to be calm and pleasant. I think our time together will be trouble-free and, well, more similar to the dreamy pages of a children's story book.

But that's not real life, is it? At least it's not my life. Though I work hard to remember the good and to return thanks for a multitude of blessings, real life is marred. It's like the pages of the storybook have smears of dirt, rips and stains. There are interruptions, bad attitudes that infect, fatigue that saps motivation, and all manner of unexpected ugly. And so the fairy tale dreams are dashed.

But in these troubled days, through the disappointments and the hardships, there is good.

My days went just as they were planned by God, and the difficulties were for my testing and sanctification. They were to draw me near to Him who is my only hope and strength, and to remind me that this sin cursed world is in desperate need of God.

This week was another opportunity for me to turn to my kids and tell then that we are all in the same boat together... we are all in need of Him.

This season that we are celebrating, of Christ giving up His life for lost sinners like me and raising from the dead to give us life eternal, can only be celebrated by those who understand they have a need.

This earthly life is never fairy tale living, and it is meant to turn us to Him who saves. As Christians we should not expect ease or believe the false teaching that all our problems will vanish. If Jesus lived a difficult life, a life of trouble, misunderstanding, hatred, persecution, rejection, and who was eventually murdered, I most certainly should not expect ease. The Jews rejected the Messiah because they expected a fairy tale-type prince and rescuer. They expected a hero of their own imagining.

Sometimes I expect a life of my own imaginings.

But Christ, who now lives and pleads for me, extends grace for me to live faithfully and to bring Him glory. He is the Prince of glory and the rescuer of sinful souls! At the end of this long and rather bumpy week, as I sit here and struggle to string together coherent sentences, I am reminded of one thing. I may not understand much, but this I know: I am here to fulfill His purposes and His plans, not mine.

This life, even on this side of salvation, is meant to lead me back to the cross.


As always, there were blessings abundant this week. For one, I now have a pretty companion who can legally ride in the front seat of the car because Olivia celebrated her 12th birthday yesterday. 

Recently, Jon and I began to consider getting a few backyard chickens again since our children have never stopped missing their first batch from a few years ago, and we would all be happy for some healthy, home grown eggs again. So, since Olivia is practically the chicken whisperer, we decided that letting each of our kids pick out a little chick would make a fun birthday activity.

So after a sleepover and special birthday breakfast out with her friend and me, we picked up the boys and drove to a local tack and feed store. We enjoyed looking at all their little animals...

 Sweetest girl I know!
Now we have four little chicks, only 2-3 days old, and just in time for Easter. We couldn't get every variety we were hoping for, but they are each a different type of egg laying hen (at least we hope they are all hens!). These are the names my kids have come up with (but subject to change):

Lulu for Olivia's
Gretel for Michael's
Ginger for Andrew's
Blackie for Jack's (Named after his first beloved Blackie, who he forgot and lost in the mailbox for a few hours after a good game of hide and seek! She was very forgiving.)

Our first chickens had such cute personalities, and we're hoping for more fun with these gals!
I didn't get many pictures of Gretel because Michael had her snuggled away most of the time. Here she is sleeping in a little nest he made.
Lulu on the left and Ginger on the right.
Jack takes his roll as caregiver and protector very seriously. He even gave her the shirt off his back for warmth.

Olivia opening some gifts last night. When one of the boys reminded her that she will be a teenager next year, she responded, "I am not looking forward to that!" The funny thing is that she is already more mature than many teenagers, but I appreciate that she is enjoying her childhood.

A favorite song this week has been "I Need No Other" by Todd Agnew. You can listen to it by clicking here.

Happy Easter!



  1. It is always such a blessing to read about your adventures and thoughts. Thank you for being such an encouragement! I miss you!

    1. Hey Taryn! I miss you too! So much has changed in our lives since we last talked! Wouldn't it be nice to catch up face to face over a cup of coffee?

    2. I would LOVE to be able to do that! Any ideas?

    3. I keep thinking it would be fun to take an overnight trip to L.A. alone, just to visit friends. I'll let you know should that ever happen!

  2. That really does sound wonderful! I look forward to it and hope it happens relatively soon! x


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