Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not a Tuesday

A few weeks ago I wrote down how we spent a regular Tuesday here at home. Mondays are a little different, mainly because of afternoon commitments and errands, plus I have the weekend mess to tackle. I've always felt that Mondays are critical in terms of getting a good start on the week.

Yesterday, Monday, a city crew was doing some work out on our street, so our power was cut off for much of the day. This was a definite obstacle to accomplishing the regular amount of housework (since at the very least I want my laundry machines to be busy at work), but the fact that I didn't make it to church all of Sunday meant there was a little less work than usual to start off the week.

When Jon was serving in college ministry, the girls used to ask me what I did all day. Some of them truly had no clue what could possibly keep a mother of babies and toddlers so busy. I understood. I didn't really know either prior to having kids. And when I was in the thick of it with my babies, I thought life would be more relaxing with bigger kids.

And, well, life is different with bigger kids. In some ways it's easier, since I can pretty much count on a full night sleep, and I'm not either pregnant or nursing, but the simplicity of nurturing a baby and entertaining toddlers has gradually become more complex. Relationships are more complex, spiritual warfare is more evident, and the realization that I am utterly dependent upon God to use me despite my failure keeps me begging for His mercies.

So here, for my own memories, a little record of the day's events (minus the details of parenting children who haven't volunteered full disclosure!):

6 am-- Alarm sounds, I hit snooze

6-something-- Get up, complete adding ingredients to my soaking grains and start bread recipe (hoping to have it baked before the power is cut), run the dishwasher, have a cup of coffee with Jon.

6:30-- Feeling really tired, go back to bed. (Yeah, I've never claimed to be a morning person!)

7am-- Bible (Col. 3: 3-17; Psalm 92); Jacob comes up to say good morning and to tell me his dream. He's cute and cuddly in his housecoat, and I think that soon he won't come to me first thing in the morning anymore.

7 o'clock hour-- I get half dressed, start putting on make-up, realize the kids are up to no good downstairs. I help Jacob make bed, remind the boys of their morning jobs...

Breakfast-- Thick slice of fresh whole grain toast with peanut butter and raw honey, orange slices, and a banana. Read through Prov. 25; review last week's Bible and History lessons (sometimes we have to start school during breakfast).

Morning chores-- I do the kitchen and assign/oversee jobs for kids after they brush their teeth.
Olivia unloads dishwasher and puts away dishes
Michael takes out trash, feeds lizards, vacuums under table and counter stools
Andrew tidies up boys' room, spot cleans boys' bathroom
Jacob vacuums steps and entryway, gathers all laundry and delivers to laundry area.

8:30-ish-- Kids start independent school work, I check and return time sensitive email. I finish making myself presentable, Jacob does math next to me on the bathroom counter. I help others as needed.

The work taking place outside our house is a major distraction to the boys; I feel my frustration mounting. On and off throughout the morning they watch from the deck, Michael climbs to the roof.

We persist: language lessons with Michael, help with long division; spelling and math corrections with Andrew; remind Olivia to focus on her research report because she's procrastinating by doing extra work in other subjects; more math and geography with Jack...

Lunch-- A tricky situation since there's no power and little food. Not wanting to open the fridge, I search the pantry and pull out some pasta and a jar marinara sauce. I use a lighter to ignite the gas on the stove. During this time, I review science lesson with boys, pack for the afternoon, make sure library books are in car, etc. Clean up in a rush and head out...

12:40-- Start a new historical fiction audio book.

12:55-- Drop Olivia off at guitar lesson, head over to Michael's lessons for 1:00, then back to wait on Olivia. In the car, I read to the little boys and listen to Andrew reading, review Awana verses.

1:25-- Go in to speak with Olivia's teacher and make arrangements for Michael to start lessons next week. Leave and head back to wait for and pick up Michael at 1:50.

2:00-- Dentist

I lose track of the time after this and just move from one thing to the next-- Library, then Trader Joe's, then home again.

4:30-- Kids unload car, I start laundry because the power is restored. Olivia unpacks groceries, I start dinner, Michael feeds lizards and the live lizard food, Jacob and Andrew play outside. I complete post-grocery day kitchen organization, de-clutter, break up a fight, remind to be kind, help the kids find constructive activities...

Jon studied from home most of the day, and is suddenly motivated to do stuff for me around the house. Yay! He cuts some metal curtain rods to size for Olivia's room, hangs some decorative plates in the dining room and my collection of antique skeleton keys in the living room. I think about getting this blog post started, but no time. I make a salad, and have the boys start showering up. Olivia makes the vinaigrette.

 (Some of these belonged to Jon's great-grandfather)
(Picture taken before I straightened the plates!)

6:30-- Dinner: Whole roasted chicken with an assortment of roasted vegetables; salad of spring greens, endive, orange segments, nuts and cheese with a white balsamic vinaigrette. Jon reads from Mark's account of the crucifixion.

Clean up-- Kids help and get ready for bed. I do dishes, spot clean the floor, switch the laundry, clean a bathroom.

7:45-- Kids in bed. Jacob and Andrew are both very tired and go right to sleep; Michael and Olivia read for a while. I email, do laundry, and change.

8:30-- I go for a run. It's cold out and the moon is brilliant. I feel tired and my run turns out to be less than I had hoped... maybe because I was sick over the weekend, or because my muscles were still tired from a long run Saturday night. Still, I am thankful for the renewed discipline of regular exercise.

9:30-- Back home, added to this post, indulged in a small bit of chocolate

10:45-- Shower and bed, thanking the Lord for the day...


At this point, I'm pretty sure I've left out a few bits since nearly a day has past. Still, it might make a good reminder to me someday of what my days were like in 2013.



  1. That's amazing that you run at night; do you always do that?

    1. Hi Melissa! Like I said, I am not a morning person! I've tried making morning runs my routine (ex. when my kids were little and Jon was not home in the evenings on most nights), but I never seemed to have the energy to make it worthwhile. I don't know, it works for me.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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