Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good Old Tuesday!

Tuesdays are good days. It's a day of the week when there's nothing on the calendar-- no outside lessons for the kids, no evening commitments, no appointments if I can help it-- and the normal stuff of home and school seems more relaxing and pleasant. The day feels wide open in comparison to other days of the week and for me, being the home body that I am, Tuesdays at home with my kids are sweet and I purpose to savor them.

Today was pretty usual for a Tuesday. Ha, ha... I'm laughing a little right now because I'm about to record what the day consisted of. What's funny to me is that at the very beginning of my blogging days, I decided I wouldn't be the type of blogger that lists the day's activities. I typically find that rather boring. Oh well, here goes anyway:

6:00 alarm sounded, I press snooze
6:09 alarm again, I get up

Bible and prayer
Back exercises, I hear the kids rustling downstairs

Breakfast of homemade whole grain toast, fresh fruit
Clean up and basic chores, oversee the same with kids

Kids begin handwriting exercises while listening to Pilgrim's Progress (unabridged, audio version) while I shower, etc.

Morning of school-- Math, Language Arts, Spelling, Bible, History... even Science today. I read about the transcontinental railroad and immigration to the kids, listened to and helped Jack with his reading, quizzed Olivia and graded Andrew's test. Flash cards with Michael.
During the moments when I am not needed, I returned email and made dentist appointments. And I stretched, filed my nails and trimmed my cuticles.

12:30 Lunch-- Steamed veggies, celery with peanut butter, yogurt with homemade granola, fruit (Random, I know, but I'm low on groceries... I get to do that tomorrow!)
Lunch time discussion= The birds and the bees (limited version, part 1)! This went well, not awkward, rather funny. Thankful for open communication. Relieved because this had been looming, but more discussions needed soon...

Afternoon-- Cleaning and laundry, Olivia receives shipment of dresses and tops (Zara's winter sale) and tries them on to show me, boys play with LEGO and Lincoln Logs (I help work out disagreements), Michael sands some dining chairs which I plan to paint, I try to find a sitter for later this week, research info online, address bad attitude between two brothers, more cleaning...
Kids ride bikes and play with Michael's lizards, I fold laundry. Mail arrives and the kids are surprised to find nature/creation science DVDs from my mom. Kids come in to watch new videos, I make an exception and the lizards come in too.

It is quiet and I write in a journal and look up scripture passages while casually beginning dinner. Not much to choose from for dinner either...

Dinner-- Lentil Soup, sourdough bread with the baked artichoke dip I made for Sunday's company but never used.
At the dinner table we review Awana verses, then Jon reads from Mark and prays. Sweet prayer, I blink back tears and no one notices...

Clean up. I do the kitchen, kids clean bedrooms, then get ready for bed. More Pilgrim's Progress. Jon upstairs studying.

Clipped boys' finger and toenails, 60 in all.
Bedtime for kids. Discipline/ discussion with the little boys, etc. Hugs and kisses.

Iron and replace my bedsheets. Organize gift wrap into new container.

Brush teeth and hang out with Jon. Too brief...


Looking back at this list, yep, I find it boring to read! I think that if more days of the week were like this one, I might not like them so much either. I should record the events of other days some time; I promise they are a lot less Little-House-in-the-Prairie-ish! They involve fast driving and eating on the go, places to be and, well, a lot more crazy. So the simplicity of a Tuesday is always a nice change.

I'm on a quest to be engaged in moments, and not live life crazy-like and frazzled. Life passes by so quickly and I might miss the beauty of it if I spend my time panting, gasping for air. I want to be thankful for particulars, notice details, live in the present and return thanks for the simple and abundant graces that are lavished on my days-- Tuesdays and Otherdays...


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  1. I liked reading about your day and how home school/stay at home mom spend their days. You got a lot done and it shows that your priorities are God, husband and family. Thank you for being a good example. :)


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