Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Olivia had a creative writing exercise today (basically she could write anything she wanted to), and here's the little poem she composed while sitting out on the upstairs deck off our school room.


Right now the trees are all stripped and bare;
We watched all the workmen climbing up there
To cut and saw the branches away,
I remember it all, it happened yesterday.
The yard looks much tidier, I have to admit,
And some feel quite glad looking at it.
"How ugly and bare!"others will want to shout 
As for me, I can't wait till spring, when new shoots poke out.

Cute, eh?



  1. Love this Olivia.
    Love you,Grandma

  2. Olivia's quite the wordsmith! Good job! We had a Coral tree in Sunland, by our fish pond, and Gary used to have to really keep after the pruning, because it would grow so fast. You'll be so glad you got it going the right way again, even though it's funny looking now.


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