Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Humble Owners

Because the wait has been long, because we never believed it was a personal right, and because doors have so often closed before, the fact that we are now home owners seems rather unreal. We are thankful.

The wait has been long; for years timing was wrong and stability elusive. But when the timing was finally right, it quickly became apparent that we are atypical in our needs. Most floor plans in our budget didn't seem to suit our family, and we were unwilling to drastically alter our long term desires for ministry and family. We considered moving again and renting a more suitable home indefinitely, and figured that by the end of summer we would need to move forward with that plan.

But the Lord granted our desires and gave us our place to call home for this short time on earth. A place to use, I pray, for His glory and to further His Kingdom. I pray that His Spirit would fill our home, that He would bless us with peace and love, and enable us to extend that love to others.

For a few brief moments, after the keys were handed to us and handshakes exchanged with the agent, Jon and I stood in the empty house together, looked around and then back at each other. The kids were excitedly running around, discovering, shouting with glee. "Well," he said, in a sort of questioning tone. "Can you believe it?" I responded.

Jon is providing more than a house for me. I love that man for the way he loves me. 

And it's definitely not the right house for most people. It's not typical, which I love; it needs work, which I actually prefer. It even has some elements that I dislike, but are exchanged for features and possibilities which entirely thrill me. It has a nonsensical floor plan, two quirky entryways (but no real main entrance), and hardly any curb appeal. On the other hand, it has an ocean view, a pool, and, most importantly, the right space for our needs and lifestyle desires. We can look past the peach tile and blue carpet and see tons of potential. There will be lots of projects to work at together in the next few years.

As the sun set that first night over our flowers...

My kids are thrilled they have trees to climb, and I am eager to discover what is currently growing in our yard and to incorporate more blooming plants and fruit trees.

Michael was the first to take a plunge...

I promise Olivia was happy, too. She and Jacob were the next in line to succumb to the flu I had last week. We are still not entirely recovered!

Our ocean view at sunset. I will never tire of watching the sun descend below that blue line along the horizon...

Our moments of standing around in disbelief were short lived. We move quickly 'round here. The next morning I had about five minutes to take a few "before" shots, and the tearing down began. We ripped out carpet, pulled down all vertical and horizontal blinds, draperies, weird wooden pegs, and removed as much of the unsightly elements we could possibly do away with for now. Michael rather enjoys working with a drill, and Andrew is eager to clean up with a broom or the shop vac.

The second time we had visited the house, we discovered original hardwood floors beneath the carpet in the living room and two adjacent bedrooms. Jon has begun sanding those down.

I go to bed at night thinking of paint colors, of whites and creams and grays. I know what I don't like, but I'm rather insecure when it comes to making a decision. Each day Olivia and I add new samples to the wall, and marvel at the fact that shades and colors looks so drastically different in one room compared to the next. Are any of you designers out there? Want to help?!

My boys have made friends with the boys next door. My boys were given Lego magazines and tiny weapons-- a very nice housewarming gift in their opinions. It seems that a very large family lives on the other side of that fence. I think there are six boys, and at least one or two little girls. I guess the rest of our neighbors are used to hearing kid noises!

We have much to do in the next few weeks. So much. But my heart overflows with gratitude-- to God, to my husband, and to those who have prayed on our behalf. Thank you.



  1. Katherine! It all looks amazing. And the ocean view?! Wow. I'm so happy that the Lord has given this gift to you all.

  2. Thrilled for you! Love the houses with potential. Though they come with some needs, it is so wonderful to make them your own. Rejoicing with you.

  3. Congratulations!!! That is so exciting.

  4. Will wants to know if we can come camp in your yard! Happy for you all. God is good.

  5. I had to smile Katherine ,reading about ripping up carpet.I recall a new bride staying at my house and asking me if she could help me with anything.I told her I wanted to rip up my living room carpet before David came home from work that evening.Unsure though you were,you helped me tear it up and we actually had it out to the garbage by the time the men came home that evening.(Easier to ask forgiveness than permission.)Many years later and here you are ripping up your own carpet.I am so excited for you.I just know that whatever you decide in terms of will create a comfortable and loving home for the family.I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks and making plans to come and see your new home.Much love,Carol

  6. Praise God for your new home. Please post pictures of updates, if you feel comfortable doing so. :)

  7. Congratulations! May God that gave you this lovely home also grant you many happy family years in it. Lynette xx


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