Thursday, July 19, 2012


It was somewhere in the five o'clock hour. The house was quiet, but the assurance of chatter and activity soon to erupt as the day began gave me reason to pause and savor the stillness. By six o'clock the day greeted me with a brilliant blue sky, a startling contrast to the thick marine layer normally present in the morning.

I lay still, procrastinating the pending pain of simply getting up. Yes, back pain has become a cruel and constant companion these days. Oh, but the blue sky! It was so cheery and brought hope that the day would be also, like a balm to my soul directly from heaven.

By 8:15, as the kids and I pulled out of the lane way and headed to Michael's lessons, the sky had become an intriguing canvas of white and silver streaks and tattered little mutton puffs. We gazed at this glorious display in amazement, and wondered how the forecast from last night told of coming thunder storms. I don't think I've ever experienced July thunderstorms in Southern California, though I would sincerely welcome a roaring sky and ground drenching downpour. 

This was yesterday--my birthday, in fact. It's not like I'm childish enough to expect that I should have a birthday wish, but Jon was kind enough to grant me one. All I wanted was to go to the beach. It's simple enough, I guess, but I haven't been able to manage it on my own in several weeks --with all the gear and the trouble which would result for my back from beach seating options--and I have lamented the fact that new wet suits and surf boards lay dormant in the garage on account of me. Summer, you know, is going by quickly. Of course no one is making me feel bad, but since it was my day, the happiest thing I could wish for was a day spent watching everyone have fun together.

The truck was ready to go the night before, loaded with surf and boogie boards, beach chairs, buckets and shovels. As soon as Jon finished up his morning of work, we headed out...

(I'm the dedicated keeper of treasures)

Since we were going to the beach regardless, we never bothered to check the surf report. It turned out not to be a very good day at all for the kids to practice safely. It wasn't long before the lifeguards were asking people to say out of deeper water. 

So that was the end of their surfing attempts, and the beginning of beach walks and frisbee games...

Later, as I walked along the beach with Olivia, we discovered that the kids could swim and boogie board a short distance up the coast. It was nearly the time when we had intended to pack up, but the kids had fun playing there for a while. I grew up interpreting ski and snow conditions, and I'm definitely going to make it a practice of checking the beach and surf conditions in the future, and selecting beaches accordingly. Lesson learned!

Thirty-four. It seems odd. I wasn't used to being 33 yet, much less used to the fact that I'm in my thirties. I am nearly sure, however, that someday I'll look back and just wish for the youth of today!



  1. It makes me so happy to see that the Lord blessed you with such a nice birthday! Love you!

  2. Happy birthday, friend! So glad for sweet memories with your family.


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