Thursday, December 8, 2011

Eucalyptus Forest

The month of December is busy for everyone it seems. We have a lot going on that is unrelated to the usual busyness of this season, and it has been a while since I've stepped back just to play with the kids. We did the necessary work today, ran the errands that couldn't be put off, and stole away to a forest of eucalyptus trees I have been eying since the week we moved to this area. I intended to stay for a half hour or so, but nearly two hours later when the sun was setting over the nearby ocean, we shook the dirt off our shoes to go home. I felt like I was a new person. It's good to play.

I followed my kids up the slope and under branches in search of "secret places". Olivia was captivated by the lily pad shaped plants and noted how the sun lit them up so nicely.

I came across this stump and asked Olivia to take a picture of Michael and me.

I just wanted a picture of me and my boy because his birthday is coming up. He eagerly agreed, but before even sitting down he noticed some beetles under the bark on the opposite side. So here are the pictures I ended up with... I should count myself lucky to have parts of him in the frame, even if it's the underside of his shoes. Here's to living life with boys...

And then Michael was off again, running with Jack whose pockets were filled with beetles. Andrew stepped up for his mama...

Finally, I got him... Not together with me and not in focus, but I take what I can get.


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