Thursday, December 1, 2011

Seven Already

Jon is not home tonight so I took my opportunity to put a facial mask on, and he can't laugh at me. Actually, in all fairness, he's pretty nice about letting me do girly things, it's just that I feel ridiculous walking around with stuff crusting on my face when he's home.

Yesterday was Andrew's birthday. It's hard to believe he is seven years old. It sounds so cliche, but its true. I still think of him as a five year old... my heart and my mind have some catching up to do!

If I had to pick one word to describe Andrew, it would be sweet. He is sweetness all over. Truly, Andrew was born with an extra measure of sweetness. In fact, he is so tender, so kindhearted, and so thoughtful he needs guidance so others don't exploit this character trait. And his big brown chocolate eyes, along with those dimples, just melt me.

Andrew is very quick to forgive. Like last week when he was punched in the face, he not only forgave, but tried to take the blame for provoking his brother. He forgives me all the time, too.

He is concerned about people's feelings, never wanting to make others feel badly. He is careful to not impose himself on others in a way I think is unusual for a kid his age. Really, I bet if I had accidentally forgotten his birthday, he would have blinked away tears of disappointment, trying to conceal them, and told me that it's not a big deal. He's like that. Too sweet.

He is also extremely determined. Whatever feat he sets his mind to accomplish, he strategizes and concentrates until his goals are met. This trait has benefited him in the area of school, work, and play. Determination, along with a good work ethic, makes him very dependable. He is always the first to make his bed in the morning and to complete his morning chores, nearly always without being asked. He regularly volunteers to help others with their jobs, and approaches me several times a day asking, "Is there anything I can do to help?" I'd be amazed if someone else described their kid as such. He amazes me.

And he loves, loves, loves to build. Towers, train rails, tents and forts... whatever. He loves to watch building projects, and notes progress made as we drive around town. His siblings all agree that he's the best builder.

(This year his b-day was all about Legos. There hasn't been a spare moment in two days where Legos weren't involved. The little toothless guy in the above picture on the right remind me of him. )

He is so precious to me. All my kids are, of course, but because his birthday is so close to the anniversary of the car accident, I cannot help but recognize the fact that I could easily have lost him or returned from the hospital with a disabled son. I am so thankful for his precious life and for the joy that he brings to our family. 

We love you, Boo Boo Bear!


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  1. Happy Birthday, Andrew! Praising the Lord for your life and the blessing you are to others! Love, the Thomas family.


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