Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For our family, mostly

The good-byes have been said, the last weekend was enjoyed, the cars were loaded up past capacity, and we're slowly beginning the process of making this new location our home.

Since I am without internet service at home, and we don't have cell phone reception, I thought I would do a quick little factual update here so that everyone back home has an idea what we've been up to. Though it's been years since we've had a land line, we may have to go that route once again.

We spent all day last Wednesday loading up the 26ft moving truck. Unfortunately, since all our things didn't fit, we had to spend the following day moving again. We had help unloading our furniture, but since we needed to be in L.A. through the weekend, we returned to camp out in the empty house. We've had many very enjoyable late nights with friends, and our dear fellowship group at church planned a farewell party on our street this past Saturday. Sunday was extra sweet, through and through.

Monday we packed up all that was left. It was reminiscent of our first trip out to L.A. twelve years ago, with our little Ford Ranger overloaded with few possessions and topped with our mattress. This time Jon's Ford F-150 was loaded with suitcases, boxes, and our mattresses. Leaving L.A. now, we have two cars, two truck loads of belongings waiting for us, and four precious children. I hope we are leaving with more maturity as well!

Jon left last night for trip overseas, and I'm slowly beginning the process of unpacking and learning my way around town. The ladies from our new church have been sweet and I have felt loved and welcomed long before arriving.

The children are doing well. They miss their chickens more than I had hoped. Our new house is hopefully a temporary place to be, and chickens are definitely not welcomed.

We have spent the morning at Jon's office in order to get online to locate a Trader Joe's and a Target, and to do a little school away from the distractions of a chaotic and disorganized house.

We are tired but excited about all that is to come. I have determined not to wait till this church and this city feel like home, but to make it home. As soon as we can, the children and I will head out to the beach... that should help a little!

Love to you all.



  1. Thanks for the update Katherine....I have been praying for all of you and hope the "new" will be as special as the "old" both at home and at church.Big changes bring big adjustments for all of us.Knowing you ,I am sure you will make it "home" in every way for your children.Just know that I am praying for all of you.
    With much love,Carol
    (I have to select anonymous or it won't let me post.)

  2. Praying for you! I know you will be able to make it home. You are good at that.


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