Saturday, July 16, 2011

Places to call home

The concept of 'home' has been ill-defined for me in my adult years. I know that it is a concept much larger, much richer than even a homey place of residency. Over the years I have struggled with replacing one with another. I am now concluding that it cannot be done.

I may have gone wrong in my thinking early in our marriage when I thought I must leave my home and start a new one with my husband. This is true, no doubt, but I have found that the place of my childhood years has never been replaced by another. No, I have discovered and come to believe that I can have more than one place to call home. Each place does not replace the former, but has a unique character and meaning. They are not to be measured against each other, for each has a different history, a different purpose.

I cannot begin to describe how much I love the Gatineau Hills with its rivers, lakes, forests and meadows. They were the place of my childhood, a picturesque haven for me. As a child I noticed all the details, as only a true country girl can, and memories which have been tucked away for many years come rushing back each time I return.

I loved the time I spent with my family last week. We were not in my childhood home - that was sold several years ago - but with my sister, whose home is tucked in the Gatineau Hills. Everything felt so familiar. I loved watching my kids hang out with my family and explore the things I have told them about countless times before. I love that there is a place in their hearts for this place, too.

My little brother took us fishing the night before he left for a 2-3 year job in Yellowknife. We don't see him often, but he's sure a lot of fun!

It would seem that I have an attachment to every type of wild flower and every detail that makes this place so special to me.

There was a territorial beaver in the water when we arrived! He tried to pester us away the whole evening, but we kinda liked him.

During our last weekend, when we were back in Ottawa, Jon and I spent some time alone down town. I was mad at myself for not taking my camera along because it turned out to be one of the prettiest nights. The lighting was beautiful with a perfect gentle breeze as we walked around from dinner in the market, through parks overlooking the river, into the Chateau Laurier, and up to Parliament Hill. Jon is the one who made the city of Ottawa home to me. Yep, even in a city I can feel at home! For several years we spent time getting to know each other and falling in love as we walked the streets of Ottawa as teenagers.  There are so many places that hold special memories. Objectively speaking, it's a beautiful city. It's also where our story began.

I'm thankful that our story continues on with still more places to call home. I am glad that my life has been filled with more adventure and more discovery than if we had settled in the only place that was familiar to us when we first were married. 

And it's wonderful to remember that our ultimate home is in heaven, where there is no home-sickness, no striving for a more perfect place and no uncertainty. There will be completion in every way.


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  1. Thank you for journaling your memories thru words and pictures for others to share in your enjoyment. Glad your kids were able to experience the same delights of your childhood.


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