Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One of my favorite things...

...is dating my husband! In less than a couple hours we'll be heading out, just the two of us! It's so exciting, not just because it doesn't happen regularly, but because I love being with Jon! Whatever we end up doing - it doesn't matter - I love hanging out with him more than anyone. Today I'm especially looking forward to uninterrupted conversation!

As I anticipate our time together, I still feel some of the same things I did when we first started dating back in high school. I think of things we can talk about so that there's no awkwardness, I wonder if he'll think I'm cute, if he'll like being with me.

I get little butterflies as the day progresses and I begin to pull out clothes, shoes and accessories. Then I second guess my choices, and wonder what he would like most.  Of course I don't really need to spend any time wondering because I am certain of his love for me. This sort of obsession is not out of insecurity either.  It's just that it matters a great deal to me that he really, really likes me. I want to keep our marriage fresh, new, and exciting. After 12 years of marriage we are comfortable and secure with each other, but I want the magic to be there as well!

~I spotted these cool doors a few weeks ago as we were driving by. They were at the back of a theater, adjacent to a parking lot. We circled around and Olivia took the pictures while the boys hooted at us from inside our truck.

Any kind of day is great for a night out, but today is extra beautiful with perfect weather. I can't wait!


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