Monday, April 11, 2011


Mondays are pretty predictable for me: My objective is to get a good start on the week. That means I want to get a good full day of school, clean up from the weekend, and do laundry. I don't change the beds and do the ironing till later in the week, but with an average of a dozen loads to sort through and fold I usually have plenty to do into the evening.

Work past "normal" work day hours used to get to me. I'm so glad to have matured out of that idea because I would be a pretty bitter lady today! The work of a mommy is ample, constant, and interrupts our sleep regularly. There is rarely time off or ever a true vacation from work. By God's grace, I've finally come to a place where I want to work hard because I see the reward, I've felt the satisfaction, and I understand a grander purpose for it all. Serving my family doesn't end at meeting their immediate needs. I believe that in one way or another, the work of a mother has eternal implications. I want to spend my life working hard for what has eternal significance, and though laundry in itself is eternally meaningless, today I am thankful for our laundry pile because it provides me with an opportunity for service. Today, it is the service which the Lord has set out for me. I am being a worker at home, trusting that his plan for a wife and mother is one that will have eternal impact.

Truly, I find laundry to be one of the most relaxing of my household jobs. Scrubbing showers... Not so much.

Today we did something unusual for a Monday. We ran errands. I normally have all the kids with me when I'm shopping and doing other types of errands. I never exactly know how it's going to turn out, if it's going to take triple the amount of time it would take me on my own, or how many times I will lose a child. I was joking with Jon this morning that the boys have the combined attention span of a gnat when they're shopping with me. I might lose one in the parking lot because there was a cool bug on the road. Or one will forget not to touch the produce, and accidentally cause two or three oranges to fall and roll under someone else's cart because they were trying to reach the balloons that were attached to the top of the display. Other times we have to go back into the store looking for a favorite matchbox car that was left somewhere. Many times there will be attitudes to deal with, boys messing around and accidentally hurting each other, or a child or two to find. Only once (maybe twice) have I been called over the intercom system, but I've lost a boy more times than I can remember.

Actually, I've let them get lost just to scare them a little. I let them know we're moving on, and continue a little way till I can see them but they can't see me. Usually the problem is not outright disobedience. It's just that something caught their eye and the fact that they were to follow escapes them. This tactic of scaring them has only worked for Andrew, and he's not one to get lost very often. It doesn't phase the other two boys.

Sometimes shopping with them is down right embarrassing. For instance, Jack has the habit of Karate chopping the dandelions that grow in our lawn. Actually he chops anything sticking out if I'm not reminding him what is meant to grow and what is not. Last week in a garden center, I turned around to discover he was missing. I looked over the isles of pretty flowers and plants to discover he had pulled out a price sign and was Karate chopping off some blooms. Sometimes when I'm out, I feel like I'm raising tyrants. At the very least I feel like other people think I'm raising tyrants.

In reality, it's not all bad. I do love having my kids with me and I view the hours of running errands as more opportunity to train them in self-discipline and obedience. I really can't imagine what my days would be like without my crew in tow, at least not yet.

If it weren't for their company today, I would not have laughed out loud because of the silly dancing that was happening in the car as we drove around, especially Jack in his car seat. I would not get to see a bunch of boys trying on women's scarves and large sun hats. Or be embarrassed when Andrew asked the checkout clerk if he could keep an item he had found on the floor. The clerk said no after she asked her superior. (It happened to be a magnet.)

They did well today. They were not perfect, but neither was I. Despite what else happens, when attitudes are good till the end we indulge in a little treat. Today we shared some chocolate.


I've really enjoyed all the roses blooming this week! I know we most likely won't always live in a home that has so many flowering plants, so I want to take full advantage by filling our rooms with pretty bouquets. Not only that, but after the hours upon hours of pruning I did earlier this year, it makes for a fine payment.

Tonight Olivia and I "practiced" French. She has been very motivated to learn since we were with my side of the family last October. She amazes me: She was reading some vocabulary cards without ever being told what sounds letter combinations make in French. She wants to be able to talk to my mom in French the next time we see her.

The boys watched a documentary on Vikings. It wasn't all for barbaric reasons... it related to some history we covered this year.

Such a lovely mix of femininity and masculinity we have going on here in our home. It's always fun to see the differences in the genders, and the individuality of each person.


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