Friday, March 4, 2011

Bugs on the wall, bunnies, and more stuff like that.

We've had some beautiful days! After the weekend rain and more rain Wednesday, the air is cool but the sun is warm. It feels like spring. The trees are blooming and everything is growing in new and fresh. We've had our lunches outside, Michael with his coon skin hat and Jacob with his pockets filled with sticks (or "swords").

We've been eating the best strawberries- red all the way through and juicy. They make the best side to any breakfast, so cheery-looking and yummy. Yep, I think spring is here.

Time to open the windows and start deep cleaning!

(Given how often they wear these shirts, you'd think I never wash their clothes! I do...)

The other day I was looking for something to keep Jacob busy for a few minutes. We had just received a fresh box of produce and I was sorting through it all. I set up a stool by the sink and filled it with soapy water for him to wash the citrus fruit (farm fresh fruit sometimes comes with a little debris). He happily scrubbed till the job was complete and his clothes were wet.

Yesterday morning someone began singing "Poor Little Bug on the Wall" and introduced Jacob to the lyrics. For a few minutes he thought it was funny... you know, the nose picking part. But soon he realized that it was kind of a sad song and nuzzled his head against my legs as I was wiping down the table. I looked at him and he said, "This song is making me cry a little bit." Sure enough he had tears welling up in his eyes. So tender! He told me that he would pick the bug's nose and tickle his toes. To him it was so sad to think of the bug being lonely and unloved. I don't think I've ever seen this side of him, at least not to this degree. What a sweet boy. He has a heart for the unloved just like his mommy.

Olivia has been cracking me up lately, though I don't let her know it. She has a birthday coming up and her simple request has been for a clip board to play science/investigator/office games, and a large net with a long handle for catching rabbits. This is what she set up the other day...

It's a rabbit trap. We have tons of rabbits around our house, and well, since they are busy doing what rabbits do best, the bunnies are increasing in population. Olivia placed carrot tops under the box and sits on the veranda waiting for a bunny to come along for a snack. She waits there with the end of the rope in her hands, ready to capture a little pet. So far several bunnies have come within a few feet, but never under the box.

And to continue with my random bits of life, today Michael took me for a ride on his bike. I thought of my mom who would let us take her on all sorts of perilous adventures. She would fly down a snowy trail carved through the forest on the back of my 3 year old brother's GT Snow Racer. And we would all fly down that slope, with icy branches whipping across our faces and forcing our eyes shut half the time. It's amazing we all survived our childhood! My mom was super fun- not too grown up to play. I want to be like that!

Anyway, riding with Michael was pretty safe in comparison, but going downhill with him still gave us a good little rush!

We're done with school for the weekend! Hooray!


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